A Butter Sprayer


The Biēm Butter Sprayer goes from butter stick to butter spray in seconds! The first sprayer that sprays 100% Real Butter.

The Biēm Butter Sprayer

Once in a while we do spot a genius small tool for in our kitchens that we love. I am one of those people that love to eat natural and healthy food. And although I heard relative bad stories about the use of butter, I kept using it. Not just any butter but butter straight from The Sophia Hoeve, a farm nearby! And according to the creators of the Biēm Butter Sprayer have recent studies proved that using butter in a responsible matter isn’t bad at all. Besides that Butter consumption in the U.S. has hit a 40-year high.

One of the problems they wanted to solve with their sprayer: don’t use to much butter! Like using too much butter on your bread if the butter is still cold and unwilling to spread or using a big pat of butter in your pan. Like oil if you don’t stand right over it and twist it, it might get burned. With a small amount of sprayed butter we will be able to eat our toast without having to spread cold butter and start cooking right after spraying the butter in the pan. Or use it at corn or popcorn! I presume lots of chefs would like to use the sprayer as well.


Doug Foreman invented the Biēm Butter Sprayer and is looking for investors to start producing through crowdfunding at Kickstarter. Today the 15th of March with around 18 days to go, they raised 3 times their goal! So we will probably be able to buy one in the near future. ^Marjolein

Bron: Kickstarter

Website: Biēm Butter Sprayer

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