Working with colours in the hospitality industry


Research has used brain wave technology to measure the reactions guests have to different colours in the hospitality industry. The brain wave results of the colour green indicate a relaxed lunch with friends. The colour red stands for love and going for a drink with a date. Tork examined which colours work well in the hospitality industry. With a link to the study of Tork where they made moodboards in different colours and looked at the effect of that. Tork wants hospitality businesses to be clever with their colour choices.

The use of colours in the hospitality industry

Out of the amount of elements that influence a restaurant experience, the impact of colour in the interior is sometimes underestimated. Renee Remijnse, marketing manager of Tork: “Colours make life richer, and that is also the case for your restaurant interior. What about the colour of your table setting? As Europe’s biggest manufacturer of products for table settings, we wanted to see how colours could contribute to the restaurant experience of the guests from restaurants that use our products. This enables us to give better advice to hospitality businesses. Think about using different colours for lunch and dinner. By making clever choices on the use of colours, you could probably win more than by using difficult and time consuming folding schemes.”

In co-operation with the research company United Minds they conducted a study to measure the impact of colours in the hospitality industry. The results show that different colours give different returning psychological patterns as to emotions and mood. In addition, it appears that the various colours create a cognitive link with different types of meals and restaurant experiences: from a romantic date to a formal business lunch. There are some examples listed below, but the whole list can be found on their website.

The meditative green

The green colour has an immune system improvement effect. It was perceived to be suitable for lunch or coffee with people you know well. The green colour was described as relaxing, calm and welcoming.

The sophisticated black

The colour black was strongly perceived to be suitable for a sophisticated dinner date or evening drinks. On the other hand it’s less appealing for business set-ups. The colour black results in a lower level of focus.

The traditional brown

The brown colour perceived to be a good colour for more traditional hospitality businesses, moreover the brown colour is easy to match with other colours. The delta wave range and heart rate results suggest that brown may also encourage relaxation


The brand Tork has a complete range of products and services in the field of hygiene and cleaning for the hospitality industry, health sector and also for the food industry, offices, schools and the industrial sector. The product line includes products such as dispensers, paper towels, toilet paper, soap, napkins, industrial cleaning paper and cleaning paper.

You can find all the results of the research here, and there are some mood boards on Pinterest!

Website: Tork

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