Whoopie Pie


  • Whoopie Pie

The Whoopie Pie is not well known in the Netherlands. Whoopie Pie consists of two small cases in the form of a cookie with in between a filling. It looks like a macaron made out of cake. The ‘Whoopie’ shop in New Zealand sells freshly baked Whoopie Pies, Pops and Cakes. The Whoopie Pies are available in a lot of flavors, like rosewater, mint chocolate, walnut espresso and hazelnut. ‘Whoopie’ also makes special Whoopie Pies for events as birthdays, weddings or valentine. The shop also serves Whoopie shakes, sundaes, coffee and hot chocolate. If you like sweets, you should definitely visit the ‘Whoopie’ shop.

Bron: Restaurant and bar design awards

Website: Whoopie

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