Whisky & food pairing on top level


  • Credits to: John Paul
  • Credits to: John Paul
  • Credits to: John Paul

Famous Scotch single malt whiskey brand – The Glenlivet – will cooperate with François Geurds. The Glenlivet asked the Michelin star chef from Rotterdam chef to make dishes which can be combined with the taste of whiskey. They now both work on ‘The Glenlivet Taste Experience’.

Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve

The flavours of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve are the base of the Taste Experience. François Geurds – known as chef from two Michelin star FG Restaurant and one Michelin star restaurant FG Food Labs – will try to dissect as many flavours from the whiskey in different elements. These different elements will be combined with a variety of dishes. Because the single malt whiskey is matured on traditional oaks, it has a slightly sweet and fruity character which is perfect for the experimental dishes made by François. François Geurds: “A dish needs to be surprising, just like the makers of Scottish single malt whiskey surprises us. In both of my restaurants I try to push my boundaries. In cooperation with The Glenlivet we try to change the traditional ideas of whiskey”.


It’s not just experimenting with different flavours in dishes, François Geurds also experiments with the single malt whiskey in cocktails. A combination which is still not accepted by everyone. “A lot of people don’t like blends with single malt whiskey as it affects the taste.” he says, “However, I am convinced that the cocktails I create, with the best ingredients, will improve the taste of whiskey. This will make it even more accessible for everyone. And besides, I dare to say that whiskey cocktails will soon be more popular than the Gin-Tonics.”


In his own lab – the FG Lab – François Geurds experiments how compelling a flavour can actually be, or how pure an ingredient can be. ‘The GlenLivet Taste Experience’ at FG Food Labs* exists out of a taste demonstration in the lab followed by an extended diner which is based on the taste profile of The Glenlivet Founder’s Reserve. This experience can be won with a special campaign The Glenlivet recently launched for Fathersday.

Website: Glenlivet

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