Which burger wins Clinton’s Hilly Billy Burger or The Trump tower at the Hudson’s USA Burger Elections?


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  • Trump Tower Hudson Bar & Kitchen
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Hudson Bar & Kitchen, known for its American cuisine, has created its own battle, the Hudson’s USA Burger Elections. The burger fanatics can choose between The Trump Tower, a high triple burger with two beef patties and crispy rosti or the Hilly Billy Chicken Burger, a healthy chicken burger with a spicy twist.

Hudson’s USA Burger Elections; The Hilly Billy Chicken Burger or The Trump Tower

Most important: by voting you can win a dinner for two! Nice gimmick organized by the Hudson Bar & Kitchen restaurants in the Netherlands. Which of these two iconic burgers will win? Just like the real elections you need to know what every burger tasteslike. The fancy burger called The Trump Tower consists of two beef patties, crispy rosti, thinly sliced veal pastrami, truffle mayo, lettuce, tomato and gruyere. The Hilly Billy is filled with a crispy chicken breast topped with avocado, pico de gallo, grilled vegetables, Monterey Jack and chipotle mayonaise. The choice is really simple: exuberant or spicy? Voting started last Wednesday, September the 28th at all restaurants of Hudson Bar & Kitchen.

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