Unique cutlery for your restaurant


Over the years chefs have distinguished themselves with the presentation of their dishes at the most beautiful plates and in cups. We’ve seen the craziest and most creative plates pass by. Now in addition to the creative set of plates, we will also be able to choose from the unique collection of cutlery of the ‘Steinbeisser Collection’. This unique cutlery is developed by 35 different International artists. It took them 4 years to design and develop this collection.

Unique cutlery in the online webshop

Due to experimenting with the colours, shapes, materials and textures, the artists created a collection of unique cutlery, that breaks every rule. Some of them are rough and heavy, whilst others are gentle and soft. The pieces want to provoke emotions and serve as a stimulant to eat a little different once in a while.

The webshop ‘Jouw…’, where you can buy the collection, will open the first of September.

Website: Webshop Jouw

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