Unique 3D drive-in movie theater at Amsterdam Schiphol


On September 28 KLM, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, LVNL, Hertz and MasterCard organized a 3D drive-in movie theater on the deck of a parking garage, where the control tower was part of the event. 100 winners of the contest ‘Create Your Own Plane’ and friends/family could watch the movie ‘Planes’ from inside their car with 3D glasses. The sound was streamed to the car stereo via a radio frequency that was specially made available of the event. Schiphol is the first airport in the world that is used as a location for a drive-in movie theater. On October 2, KLM gave 300 kids the opportunity to watch the movie ‘Planes’, on board of a real aircraft. Popcorn was present and special effects were used to create a real-live setting.

Website: KLM

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