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One of the first underwater restaurant where you actually have to dive to. So if you enjoy dining out and love to dive, The Pearl in dive center Nemo33 in Brussels is where you have to be. We have seen a couple of underwater restaurant and hotel locations but somehow this made us think of the ‘Genussgondel in the ski area Serfaus, Fiss, Ladis’. Back in 2009 we wrote about their smallest restaurant in the world in a gondola. Well The Pearl has the same capacity.

Underwater restaurant The Pearl

The Pearl is located in one of the world’s deepest swimming pools. In order to get to the restaurant, you first need to put on your scuba gear and dive five meters deep. Once you’ve made it down there, you will find a huge metal bowl which is the restaurant where it is possible to have dinner with up to four people. A professional scuba diver will be your servant and the meal is served in a little pots which are brought to the restaurant in an airtight case.

In order to have dinner at The Pearl, you need a diving license and you need to make a reservation. For 99 euro per person you will have dinner which will consist of a bottle of Champagne, a lobster salad, foie gras, a fruit salad and a cupcake. To make this unique dining experience complete, the waiter will dive to your table with the bill.

Are you convinced and would you like to experience this underwater dinner? Make a reservation and bring your dive gear to Nemo33 which is located at the Stallestraat 333 in Brussels.

The other smallest restaurant in the world

In 2009 we wrote an article about another world’s smallest restaurant the Genussgondel in Fiss, Austria where you can enjoy dinner in a gondola lift. Also with a maximum four people, you can have a three course dinner in the gondola and enjoy the spectacular view over the Tyrolean mountains. The gondola makes three rounds so there is plenty of time to make photos and videos and share them with friends and family.


Website: Nemo33

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