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  • Enjoy the dishes of Obsidian By GraphiteEnjoy the dishes of Obsidian By Graphite
  • Enjoy the dishes of Obsidian By GraphiteEnjoy the dishes of Obsidian By Graphite

Patron-cuisinier Peter Gast of restaurant Graphite (* Michelin) opens underground venue Obsidian by Graphite in the heart of Amsterdam on 3 March. The top chef will experiment with plant-based dishes and you can enjoy (unplugged) music at this location.

The intimate space, complete with a cozy bar, low stage and comfortable seats, are an invitation to relaxed or exciting evenings, filled with good food, a good glass of wine and the best music. The cozy and informal location offers space for vegan dinners, live music and the best performances ever. Obsidian by Graphite can also be booked for private events or meetings, provided by restaurant Graphite.

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Obsidian by Graphite | The Vegan Test Kitchen

The Vegan Test Kitchen is scheduled twice a month. On these evenings, Peter Gast serves his vegan menu in Obsidian by Graphite, consisting of fifteen to twenty high-end dishes. Peter: “As a professional I am intrigued by plant-based cooking and I think it’s time we started focusing on this. During The Vegan Test Kitchen I can experiment and orientate. See how it suits both me and the audience.” The vegan nights out are graced by a DJ or musician who turns up the volume at the end of the evening so that dinner seamlessly transitions into a pleasant evening out.

Food Notes Unplugged

In addition to the vegan evenings, Obsidian by Graphite presents Food Notes Unplugged, an intimate live concert by well-known and upcoming musicians where guests get the chance to experience their favorite artist up close. The location is ideal for that great living room feeling, where music is made in an intimate setting. Food Notes Unplugged starts with an extensive dinner consisting of Graphite classics, accompanied by fine (sparkling) wines, and ends with a live concert on the low stage. Obsidian by Graphite, in collaboration with its neighbors, Eden Hotel Amsterdam, offers the opportunity to spend the night after Food Notes Unplugged in one of the hotel’s comfortable rooms.

Private (Dinner) Party by Graphite and Mystery Sessions

On the other days, Obsidian by Graphite can be hired as a location for private dining or events. Think of celebrating birthdays or milestones, presenting new products or services and meetings (with live streaming options). The setting is intimate, with a nice club feel. Everything is possible: from cocktails to a chic dinner. In addition, Obsidian by Graphite organizes Mystery Sessions: pop-up events for people who like to be surprised. Only one thing is certain during a Mystery Session: there is food, drink and music played. Which food and which music remains a mystery until the evening itself.

Inspired by…

Obsidian by Graphite is located under the Michelin star restaurant Graphite. Peter opened this speakeasy restaurant in the Paardenstraat in Amsterdam three years ago, near the Rembrandtplein. This pleased not only the lucky ones who managed to find the restaurant, but also the Michelin inspector. Already after a year and a half, at the beginning of 2020, Graphite received its first star.

Keep an eye on the website for all dates and more information!

Website: Obsidian By Graphite

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