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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

This week, amongst others, a link to an article about the fact whether it’s safe to eat wild and cultivated flowers that are being used in Danish restaurants and Seedlip has a pop-up General Store & Bar in London! And an article about Buddha Teas, that did created tea bags infused with CBD. We also read about the plans for a new theme park in Macau with the first Maison l’Occitane hotel and UberEats wants to deliver food with drones! And about KFC’s latest merchandising collaboration with the iconic streetwear designer NIGO.

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Are wild and cultivated flowers served in restaurants or sold by local producers in Denmark safe for the consumer?

New Nordic Food has within the last decade received much media coverage with chefs of top restaurants using wild plants for foods. As part of a control campaign, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration visited 150 restaurants and local food producers from May-October 2016 and investigated their use of plants picked from the wild, cultivated in private gardens or market gardens. Among the species used were the flowers from 23 plants. Highlights of the investigation: Review of wild flowers used at restaurants shows a striking lack of safety data. 13 plants contained potential toxic compounds in the flowers or other plant parts. Limited historical data on food use from ethnobotanical surveys. Interesting read!

Seedlip | Pop-up General Store & Bar in Mayfair, London

Seeplip, the non-alcoholic spirit, opened a pop-up bar & general store at 71 Duke Street, just 2 minutes from Oxford Street, on Thursday 8th November 2018. Perfect for Christmas shopping, but also for a non-alcoholic pit-stop during West End shopping. It’ll be open for one month, and also features lots of bookable events, including workshops inspired by nature. See the events calendar in the article at the website of London pop-ups. We wrote about this non-alcoholic but still distilled drink before!

Buddha Teas’ Line of Cannabidiol-Infused Teas Contains Water-Soluble CBD

Buddha Teas recently launched a CBD tea line that reintroduces classic herbal tea varieties to consumers with five milligrams of water-soluble CBD. To make its cannabidiol-infused teas, Buddha Teas first processes CBD oil into a powder to increase its bioavailability to the body, then packages the tea and CBD mixtures in bleach-free tea bags. These CBD-infused herbal teas from Buddha Teas include Peppermint, a Chamomile Blend, Matcha Green Tea and Turmeric and Ginger, each of which boasts its own unique flavor profile and benefits. Like a classic cup of peppermint tea, the CBD Mint Tea is helpful for supporting digestive and respiratory wellness, as well as sharing the relaxing mind-body benefits of CBD.

The ‘FrozenCut’ Knife Quickly Cuts Through Cold Meats and More

The knife features an integrated heating element that will warm the blade up to 200 degrees Celsius to make it perfect for slicing through frozen meats, cheeses, butter and much more. The temperature sensor will keep the user informed of the heat level, while the waterproof handle makes cleanup a breeze to ensure users never have to worry about waterlogged equipment.

Macau Theme Park and Resort LISBOETA with Line Friends and the first Maison l‘Occitane hotel

Macau Theme Park and Resort Limited,  a developer of leisure and entertainment integrated resort facilities in Macau, last month unveiled its plans for its inaugural integrated resort project, Lisboeta, on Cotai, Macau. The unique Macau-themed integrated resort is the first of its kind, and will introduce many offerings new to Macau and the region, delivering an all-encompassing experience sure to entice guests of all ages, especially families and a younger demographic. With hotels like Maison l’Occitane, the first of its kind in the world, Maison L’OCCITANE hotel has 164 rooms and suites boasting designs inspired by Provence, the south of France from where the internationally renowned natural well-being product brand originated. The hotel offers a diversity of room types customised with themes based on L’OCCITANE’s most iconic natural ingredients, namely Immortelle, Verbena, Cherry Blossom and Shea Butter – each illustrating classic Provencal charm and representing contemporary French elegance. And Casa de Amigo presented by Line Friends, this 82-room Casa de Amigo, which is created as the first themed hotel in the world that fully designed by Line Friends, offers an unforgettable unique experience with beloved Line Friends characters for the hotel guests, like visiting the home of Line Friends. Read all about this new theme park in this article.

UberEats keen on using drones for delivery

Uber has joined a growing list of companies keen on using drones for delivery. It wants to integrate the technology into UberEats, its meal-delivery service, and envisions dropping off its first drone-delivered dinners as early as 2021. Interestig read at Cool Business Ideas.

KFC’s latest merchandising collaboration is with the iconic streetwear designer NIGO

We’ve got some examples of food companies working with fashion labels to created quality clothing collections, for example McDonald’s and Heineken that teamed up with labels like Collette and KITH. In the Dutch version of ‘trends we spotted this week’ we even wrote about the big Dutch ‘French fries chain, FEBO’ that launched their comfy line of winter clothes last week. KFC has linked up with legendary Japanese streetwear fashion designer NIGO, to create the Human Made x KFC clothing collection. The collection consists of a hoodie, racing jacket, pocket tee and more.

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