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At we spot many national and international trends on a daily basis. We pick the most interesting ones to write about, the smaller trends we use in our weekly column ‘Trends we spotted this week’.

With this week, among other things, links to articles about a cocktail that looks like a plant, a hotel designed on a honeycomb, a cinema on a (houseboat) and a mega pickle as a replacement for a sandwich!

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Drinking Tequila on a train with view on the most beautiful landscapes | Tequila Herradura Express

The Mexican Tequila Herradura Express train serves tequila as you travel through the country in style! The all-you-can-drink tequila train leaves from Guadalajara and takes you to Amatitán – the city known as the home of one of the world’s largest tequila distilleries. During the trip, guests can enjoy Mexican tunes played by an authentic Mexican band. Upon arrival at the final destination, guests are taken to Casa Herradura and given an exclusive tour of the famous distillery. For all tequila enthusiasts, this is definitely worth a try!

A hotel designed on a honeycomb | Nanjing honeycomb hotel in China

A new honeycomb hotel will be opened in 2020 in the Chinese city Nanjing. The resort was built next to a cliff in the Laoshan Muontains and will have 500 rooms with a total area of 105.000 square meters. The location also makes it an ideal destination for thrill seekers because you can, among other things, rock climb and bungee jump. The hotel will be part of the Dragon Valley theme park that is scheduled to open in 2020. Among its many idyllic features, the honeycomb hotel houses two giant lion heads carved by more than 100 natural rock sculptors for about half a year. They stand at an astounding 30 meters above the ground and are a feast for the eyes.  The photos promise a unique and breathtaking hotel, certainly nice to have a look. 

A cinema on a (house)boat | Kinolod

In Prague they already have numerous options for enjoying the latest films in cinema halls. However, the Kinolod cinema is unique, where film lovers can watch their favorite films on a (house) boat! Kinolod is built on a renovated boat that originally dates from 1925 and is designed to receive 200 people at a time. If there are no films in this cinema, the boat serves as a concert location with live music events once a month.

Food court | Markato in Valencia

In Valencia, Spain, a new foodhall has opened in the bustling center of Eixample (Enscanche) in Valencia, between a mix of current and historic shops and eateries. The foodhall is located in an old aircraft shed. The aesthetics of the aircraft hangar are still there, but the space does not seem cold or hollow. Carpets, partitions and variations in height and materials provide an open space but with a coherent structure and create intimacy. Vegetables, fish, meat, wine, pastries – everything is fresh and the cuisine combines both international and local tastes and styles.

Taco Bell opens a pop-up hotel | Palms sprins The Bell

In August, Taco Bell opens a pop/up hotel in one of Amerika´s most charming travel destinations: Palm Springs in California. Taco Bell will open its doors for five days in an as yet unannounced space. All the facilities and the food are infused with a Taco-Bell twist. “The Bell is the greatest expression of the Taco Bell lifestyle so far. It will be fun, colorful, tasteful and filled with more than what our fans would expect”, said Taco Bell chief officer, Marisa Thalberg, in a statement. “This hotel brings something completely new for lucky fans to experience and enjoy.” The real Taco-Bell fans can book from June 2019.

A mega pickle as a replacement for bread

The video shows how a normal sandwich is being replaced by a mega pickle. Although such a ‘sandwich’ looks pretty mighty, yet it seems tasty and healthy for once!

Bubble tea with a sweet twist | Restaurant Avery in Vancouver

A refreshing and texture-rich bubble tea is normally served cold, but this restaurant distinguishes itself by serving hot teapots. While most hot pots contain savory ingredients, it gives a sweet twist to what people are used to finding in Asian restaurants. The pot is kept at a warm temperature to prevent the ingredients from becoming sticky when cooked. In addition to these ingredients, the pot is filled with milk tea to create a warm dessert that is served as a soup.

Cocktails that look like a plant | Arlo Blooms

The Arlo SoHo renews itself seasonally with a new theme bar four times a year. This summer’s creation? Arlo Blooms, a pop-up bar with tens of thousands of crazy colorful flowers and an accompanying cocktail menu. On that menu is the Potplant, a sneaky gin-based cocktail that looks and looks like a real growing thing … until you take a sip. The cocktail is poured into a plastic bag hidden in a terracotta potter. From there they put a paper straw in it and throw on the top a kind of “potting soil” made of nuts and dark chocolate. Finally they put a sprig of rosemary in it to make it look like a real plant. The Arlo Blooms pop-up bar is open until 15 June in New York City.

Fried Oreos | Popeyes

 Fried Oreos popeyes Since October restaurant Popeyes has been selling Oreo Bites. But given the flood of positive responses, the fried oreos are becoming increasingly popular and are now seen on many menus! What do you think of this?

The best vegan restaurant in the world | Humus x Hortense in Brussels

This year more than 800 restaurants from 38 countries were examined by the well-known “vegetable chef” Frank Fol, who has been organizing the search for the best vegetable restaurant in the world for ten years. The prize for the best vegan restaurant goes to Humus x Hortense in the heart of Brussels, the restaurant of Chef Nicolas Decloedt and sommelier and creative director Caroline Baerten. The best vegetarian restaurant in the world is El Menjador by Xavier Pellicer in Barcelona for the second year in a row.

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