A tip for wellness hotels: The Swimsuit Dryer


Just put your swimsuit or swim shorts in the dryer after swimming and in 10 seconds your swimsuit will be 95% dry.

We’ve been to the Grand Hotel in Stockholm in December where we found a small hospitable gesture in the wellness center: a dryer for your swimsuit. Very handy for hotels where the wellness is often split into a swimming pool where the swimsuit is obligated and a sauna where it’s optional. Watch the video for an instruction.

The swimsuit dryer

The swimsuit dryer doesn’t use any heat to dry : in terms of energy consumption, it is 350 W instead of 3000 W for a simple dryer. If you multiply the energy saved with the number of user in a pool, you can buy more than one unit in a year…. Moreover, No heat = swimsuit textile fiber preserved!

The Swimsuit Dryer is easy and quick to clean and is available in the colours granite, white marble, sandstone and silver. There is also a version that is futuristically illuminated. Cleaning brush and disinfectant cleaner are provided with the dryer.

At this time our colleagues of Van Spronsen & Partners hospitality consultancy are working on a publication about the wellness branch. This will be presented later this month.

If you’re interested in our publication, you can let us know through vraag@spronsen.com.

Website: Swimsuit Dryer Company

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