This Thursday; the Beaujolais Primeur will arrive!


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The Beaujolais Primeur/Nouveau is becoming popular again. Do you already treat your guests to a Beaujolais menu?
Mid October, I went to Paris for a long weekend and I noticed that there are many restaurant announcements for a Beaujolais Primeur / Nouveau menu on November 20 around the ‘déblocage’. I still remember the years that certain Beaujolais Primeur wines often sold out in advance! Due to various scandals the popularity of the Beaujolais Nouveau dropped rapidly. But the Beaujolais is gradually becoming more popular again, thanks to the quality improvements that growers in the region have implemented.

The third Thursday of November, Beaujolais Primeur menu

People start celebrating The ‘déblocage’ again, so owners of restaurants dedicated to the French cuisine should celebrate this as well! Another reason for a party! Marc Cruellas, owner of Bistrot de la Place in The Hague remained faithful to the Beaujolais Nouveau, every year he treats his guests after the ‘déblocage’ with dishes from the wine region. This while enjoying a ‘pot of Beaujolais Nouveau’ and live French music.


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