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The BillyBird park at Hemelrijk has introduced his own Toilet Experience. They reacted to our questionnaire with an explanation how one of our articles inspired them to create a new toilet building at the park.

Inspire not copy.

Last week we included a questionnaire in our trendmail (only in the Dutch version). Ton Derks recreation-entrepreneur from BillyBird park reacted with a perfect example of how we want to inspire entrepreneurs. In March we wrote about the Toilet Xperience’ on the Extrema Outdoor festival. The visitors of the festival could go to the Loo with a lot of extras. We published this article in our trendmail and Ton Derks got inspired to place three toilet units underneath the roof of a carousel. They created their own Toilet Experience, as shown above.

Did we inspire you? We love to hear it

A great example of how we love to inspire. We write 5 to 10 articles weekly with which we want to inspire entrepreneurs in the hospitality branch. It’s great to see a new twist to an old trend, we can’t all be innovators! Do you have similar examples, we love to write about it.

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Website: BillyBird

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