Thinking ‘Out of the pizza box’! Edible pizza boxes!


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This has to be a paradise for the real pizza lovers in New York. You are now able to order ‘the pizza box pizza’ at Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Instead of getting your pizza in a regular box, you will now get your pizza in an edible pizza box. Just think ‘out of the pizza box’! 😉

Edible pizza boxes

Sean Berthiaume, co-owner of Vinnie’s Pizzeria, was getting sick of people asking for a box while they’re eating in. “There’s no point, it fills the the trash can. So I thought, what if you could just eat the box?”, says Sean.

This is how the idea for an edible pizza box started. The box is constructed of three separate pieces — the box, which is made of a fluffy Sicilian slice, the hard cover, which is made of garlic bread, and a smaller, normal pizza inside. Although it sounds delicious, it is not quit functional. First of all the pizza costs $ 40,=, this is because of the size of the pizza and the amount of hours spend on preparing the pizza. Seconly, you have to be patience. A normal pizza is ready in about 10 – 15 minutes. This pizza takes a little hour to make.

The pizza can only be ordered in the restaurant itself. Delivery is (unfortunately) not possible. On the other side, it is also the question how hygienic the edible pizza boxes is when the delivery boy stands in front of you.

Inspiration: thinking out of the pizza box!

This creative pizza chef from New York also invented the ‘Mini Vinnie’ pizza. This is a pizza on top of another pizza. After the standard pizza is ready, another smaller pizza is made and placed on top of the bigger one. Eventually the smaller pizza melts partly into the bigger pizza. This ‘Mini Vinnie’ received a lot of attention in the United States (a.o. The Jimmy Kimmel Show). Within a week there over a 1.000 pieces of the ‘Mini Vinnie’ were sold.

The media attention which is generated by Vinnie’s is huge. Done by simply thinking ‘out of the (pizza) box’. Although the edible pizza box cannot be delivered home, there will be plenty of people who would like to try this pizza at Vinnie’s Pizzeria itself.

Bron: Buzzfeed

Website: Vinnie's Pizzeria

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