The world’s largest hammock in Scheveningen



Cool initiative on the hottest day of the year in the Netherlands: record attempt for the world’s largest hammock. Today at 12 am the hammock is open for public at the Indigo Beach Club at the Zwarte Pad in Scheveningen. The current world record is a hammock of 20 meters in the U.S.A. The hammock in Scheveningen is going to be 22 meters long and 10 meters wide. Promoters and those who will relax in it: have fun!!!

The world’s largest hammock

Initiative of Lipton Ice Tea, Natwerk and Beach Club Indigo. As many as 200 people can lie down in this huge hammock at the same time. With the great weather today it will be no problem to find people at the beach! It’s an official Guinness Book of World Records attempt. From 12 to 6 pm you can relax in the hammock with a cold drink. The AFTER PARTY starts at 4 pm and continues until 2 am.

Website: Beachclub Indigo

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