The rooster back on the plate


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Last weekend, I have been reading a Dutch Magazine ‘Bouillon‘ (spring 2014). Each time a delight to read all the independent and surprising stories with the food culture as theme. Since I recently read somewhere about fried rooster combs I found it very interesting to read (I’m sorry but in Dutch) the story about roosters. Late January Nel Schellekens of Dutch restaurant ‘De Gulle Waard‘ in Winterswijk has prepared a dinner in cooperation with barbecue champion Ralph de Kok, made with all kinds of goodies such as hay rooster, smoked rooster, butterflyd rooster, pâté  etc.  In this article is stated that about 40 million roosters be gassed annually on their first day of life, in the Netherlands only. On the website, the comeback of the rooster (Sorry Dutch only), you’ll find recipes and more background information. They started the website in the hope that less roosters will be killed. I guess I will put a rooster on the menu with Easter. Good to see that there are more and more initiatives to bring ‘forgotten animals’ on the plate. Last week we posted an article about the meat of young goats and the goose isn’t forgotten either. ^ Marjolein

Bron: Bouillon

Website: Comeback van het haantje

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