The humble sandwich | Bombay Bustle brings the Bombay sandwich during the British Sandwich Week


To celebrate British Sandwich Week, from 20th to 27th May, Bombay Bustle, the Indian restaurant in Mayfair from Samyukta Nair, will create a menu dedicated to the much-loved British institution: the humble sandwich. The menu will center on the classic Bombay sandwich, the famed street snack which is as much of a Mumbai staple as the stacked tiffin tins and hectic railway system that have inspired Bombay Bustle. From a modest three-ingredient sandwich to a towering grilled ‘toasty’ stuffed with cheese and chutney, every day thousands of Mumbaikers grab a piping hot sandwich straight from the chimta at one of the city’s many stalls. We love the idea of celebrating the humble sandwich with a Sandwich Week, why don’t we celebrate this in the Netherlands?

The humble sandwich, the Indian way | The classic Bombay sandwich

Available in the afternoon, the menu will include a flight of sandwiches created by Culinary Director Surender Mohan: the traditional Bombay Mix Toasty with cheese, mint chutney and seasonal vegetables on cumin and coriander bread; the Masala Potato Toasty, spiced bread stuffed with potato, green chilli and mint; the Chicken Malai Toasty inspired by the flavours of South-Western India with creamy chicken and cheese layered on Kolhapuri spiced bread; and the Goat Kheema Toasty, with minced goat, mango and ginger on garlic bread.

In true Mumbai fashion, Bombay Bustle will brew unlimited Cutting Chai tea for guests to accompany the sandwiches, whilst for dessert, Surender has created Malai Jallebi, with deep-fried, syrup-soaked jalebi, saffron caviar, and sweet malai cream.

Bombay Bustle co-founder Samyukta Nair says, ‘I have fond memories of rushing home from school to Surender making me a traditional toasty for an afternoon snack. Now, they’re the first thing I eat when I get back to the city. I’m so excited to bring my favourite snack over to London, so it can hold its own amongst Britain’s ultimate dish, the sandwich.’

Website: Bombay Bustle

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