The ‘Green Nests’ of the Dutch Bird Brewery


  • Bird Brewery plant bomen samen met duurzame groene nestenBird Brewery plant bomen samen met duurzame groene nesten
  • Bird Brewery plant bomen samen met duurzame groene nestenBird Brewery plant bomen samen met duurzame groene nesten

The Dutch Bird Brewery has started sustainable partnerships with more than a hundred passionate bars, restaurants and specialty shops. They plant one tree for every liter of their beer sold at such a ‘Green Nest’. Up until now they planted more than 30,000 trees! At this moment they’re in search of more bars, restaurants and shops that want to become a ‘Green Nest’ by selling their beer! Their goal is to plant 50.000 trees in 2019 in collaboration with Trees for the Future.

The fast-growing Bird Brewery was founded by ‘beer and nature lovers’ Ralph van Bemmel and Rik van den Berg. The brewery has made an impact in recent years with their prize-winning beers and as from now they want to do so by consciously dealing with nature.

The ‘Green Nests’ of Bird Brewery | More than 30,000 trees have already been planted

“We started planting 10,000 trees ourselves this year through our partner Trees for the Future. That felt incredibly good and we actually started looking for a way to further increase this number of planted trees”, says co-founder Ralph. “The most logical solution we could come up with was to work with partners who sold our beers: so we started to do that.”

At affiliated bars, restaurants and specialty stores, one tree is planted for every liter of beer from Bird Brewery sold. In the meantime, more than 100 bars and restaurants and 30 specialty shops have been transformed into a ‘Green Nest’, which means that more than 30,000 trees are being planted. Moreover, due to structural cooperation, that number is increasing daily.

“Bars and restaurants collaborate with their guests to create a greener world”, says Rik. “Guests respond in a positive way and it gives the ‘Green Nest’ a more sustainable character. We provide promotion material on which the ‘Green Nests’ can precisely keep track of how many trees have been planted thanks to them: that also makes it very concrete for them and their guests. For example, the Ketelhuis in Amsterdam has planted more than 1,100 trees. They and their guests can be incredibly proud of that.”

Collaboration with Trees for the Future

Trees for the Future provides seeds, growing materials and training to farmers. The farmers own the trees and are responsible for the care. The trees are planted in Kenya, Uganda, Senegal, Cameroon, Guinea and Tanzania. A large variety of fast-growing trees, fruit trees and hardwood is installed to prevent monoculture.

Want to become a ‘Green Nest’ too?

Bird Brewery aims to plant 50,000 trees this year. Do you also want to participate in this? Then contact them via!

Website: Bird Brewery 

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