The Greanery | The world’s first green electricity-charged dining experience


  • The Greanery dining experience at the Westergasterrein AmsterdamThe Greanery dining experience at the Westergasterrein Amsterdam

From 24 November to 24 December, The Greanery, an exceptional December special, will be held in Amsterdam’s impressive Transformatorhuis. After two corona years where everything was built up and did not go ahead, this year the historic building on the Westergasterrein will be the setting for a 360-degree dining experience where sustainability is high priority. Reservations can be made through their website.

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The Greanery dining experience in the Transformatorhuis on the Westergasterrein

In the world’s first dining experience fully charged by green electricity, futuristic themes and elements are used to inspire visitors to take sustainable steps themselves. The total experience offered by The Greanery shows that a lot is possible in this field without sacrificing luxury and comfort. With every course served, the complete look and feel of the Transformatorhuis changes. Through 360° video mapping, music, light, technology, acts and entertainment, a great overall experience is created, creating the perfect vibe with every course. Not only is it important for the restaurant to use green energy, through technology and a customised power plan, they aim to ultimately give energy back to the grid.

“We are on a mission to create sustainable change to a wide audience and believe that food and communal eating are perfect tools to bring up issues of environmental, social and regulatory concern,” said initiators Atakan Akaradere & Clayton Fredrik. “As event makers, media professionals and food lovers, we have learned to realise sustainable experiences by taking steps ourselves, not waiting and just doing it. We are ready to share our knowledge with the world.”

On track to become even more circular by 2023

The Greanery will continue to evolve in the coming years, putting this year’s experiences to work towards being even more circular by 2023. The food served does not come from the big food chain, but is locally produced and where possible emission-free and without residual waste. Sharpening this will set the course for the future, which includes working outside the big food chain, energy regenerative and waste-free.

Website: The Greanery dining experience

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