The first popcorn store in the Netherlands



Good news for popcorn lovers in the Netherlands. On March 5th the first popcornstore in the Netherlands will we opened in Amsterdam.

Sixth popcorn store of Europe

The Italian FOL Gourmet Popcorn is the first to open a popcorn store in the Netherlands. The store will be located on the Leidsestraat in Amsterdam and will be festively opened on the 5th of March. During the opening one can see that FOL has more to offer than only sweet and salt popcorn.

Felix Rademakers, Operations Director of FOL Popcorn Holland: “FOL means craziness in Piedmontese. Popcorn can be eaten at any time of the day and not only while watching a movie in the cinema. With this opening we give you a little glimpse of what the visitors can expect. FOL is creative and renewing. Think about the delicate flavours of bacon, chili pepper,  dark chocolate with coconut, white chocolate with pretzel or After Eight. Besides, we will expand the product range the upcoming period with popcorn ice cream, popcorn bars and granola for breakfast. The Netherlands is ready for this.”

Popcorn as an aperitif in your restaurant

With the product range of popcorn that is offered in the popcornstore one can easily get through the day. For breakfast, with your coffee or when having a drink. You even could think about serving your guests popcorn as an aperitif or add it to one of your desserts. The different flavour will give you plenty of choice. Think of popcorn with fresh strawberries and white chocolate or drizzle your popcorn with a mixed coating of different cheeses.

FOL Gourmet Popcorn

FOL is the crazy idea to bring popcorn to a new level of exquisite   patisserie, by coating popcorn with the best products from Italy. The popcorn is- unlike other suppliers- popped with hot air and therefore contains less fat. People will taste the authenticity; all popcorn is hand coated in the production lab in Turin with natural ingredients.

Website: FOL Popcorn

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