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Located at the Union Market Tustin in Los Angeles, The Dirty Cookie, a unique cookie shot glass concept. They sell all kind of flavours in Cookie shots that are made in-house. We even read at FoodBeast that they make purple Ube Cookie Shots and Matcha Green Tea Cookie Shots. The basic remains the same, instead of dipping your cookie in milk, coffee or any other liquid at cookie shots the liquid gets poured in the cookie.

Cookie shots

We first spotted the cookie shots from Chef Dominique Ansel back in 2014. He created the Milk & Cookie Shot, each chocolate chip cookie was shaped into a shot glass and milk was infused with Tahitian vanilla. The owners of The Dirty Cookie created a complete show around the cookie shots, with all kind of cookie flavours (like Red Velvet, Churro, Chocolate Chip, Vegan Gluten-Free options and customized cookies) but also different liquids to pour into the cookies like Vanilla Almond Milk, Crèmes (Chocolate and Vanilla), Soft-Serve, Toasted Marsmallow and Coconut Cold Brew.

Website: The Dirty Cookie

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