The barisieur wakes you up with the smell of coffee


This alarm clock will probably be a present from heaven for a lot of people. Imagine an alarm clock and coffee maker in one on your nightstand! The ‘Barisieur’ wakes you up with a cup of freshly made coffee. The project is on Kickstarter and has, today, only 11 days more to go. Maybe an investment for bigger hotel chains? Wouldn’t it be great to offer your guests a wakeup call with freshly made coffee?

The Barisieur

A lot of people will probably appreciate the idea of an automatic coffee or tea brewer that eases you into the day with the sound of bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed coffee or loose leaf tea. According to the Kickstarter page is it also meant to encourage a ritual in order to establish ‘a routine before going to sleep, signalling to the body and mind that it is time to unwind and relax’.


The machine makes sure that all your senses arouse from the moment you wake up.

– Hear │ The sounds of the coffee bubbling away
– Sight │ See the water get transported into the filter
– Smell │ The coffee brewing
– Taste │ The Coffee and wake up
– Touch │ The tangible buttons and form of the product

It’s possible to change the settings of the coffee machine. Either the smell of coffee wakes you up and the alarm follows, or you alarm goes off and the machine starts brewing than.


The Barisieur would be perfect in hotels that wants to offer the feeling of ‘home away from home’ to their guests. Starting the day with your own cup of coffee to your taste and at the time you would like to drink it. As you can see in the video is the machine easy to use and has a great design. Besides that is the machine easy to clean and safe in use, according to the builders.


Are you interested on having your own coffee alarm on your nightstand? You can find more information on the project here.

Website: Barisieur

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