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  • Tante Rikie van de Zwarte Cross zegt 'Hufters, blijf thuis!Tante Rikie van de Zwarte Cross zegt 'Hufters, blijf thuis!
  • Huisregels van de Zwarte CrossHuisregels van de Zwarte Cross

The ‘Zwarte Cross’ is a famous festival in the East of the Netherlands which will take place from July 14 untill the 17th. “A Zwarte Cross (Black Cross) with zero anti-social incidents, I would really consider that a nice farewell gift!” That was Tante Rikie’s (Auntie Rikie’s) response when asked if she had any wishes for her 25th (and last!) year as festival director. Tante Rikie and her organization almost have a perfect score concerning  good atmosphere at the unique festival, but there are still some visitors who just do not understand the festival and the hospitality of the Achterhoek region. There is always a small group of assholes (on the 229,500 visitors) responsible for vandalism, discrimination and (sexually) violent behavior. Therefore, now a call for this minority: Sell your ticket on TicketSwap and stay home!

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Tante Rikie requests to read the house rules beforehand and to address each other on behavior

After the last Zwarte Cross (Black Cross festival) in 2019, the organization put out a message to the visitors. Short summary: kudos and kisses for the open-minded majority, a one-way ticket to the gulag for a number of these lame guys. They are only a few on the total of 229,500 visitors, but those few throw a nasty stain on the Zwarte Cross and also give a wrong image of the Zwarte Cross and the Achterhoek region. Therefore, Tante Rikie now appeals to everyone, prior to the festival weekend, with the statement: read our house rules and do not be tempted into rude behavior. And for the sweet majority another special request: speak to your friends at the Zwarte Cross in case of rowdy or rude behavior. Specifically, this concerns visitors who break things down, touch people and/or treat them racially, discriminate, urinate in public and/or fight. Much is possible and allowed at the Zwarte Cross, but this behavior does not belong at our friendly and open-minded festival. We can call in a whole police force to get rid of the small number of offenders, but we would rather have the visitors keep an eye out for each other and address anti-social behavior. For the people who drink beer: fine, but if you’re going to behave like a caveman, better not drink at all. Watch the video of Tante Rikie below. (the text will continue below the video).

Welcome home or as they say in the Achterhoek region: ‘Welkom Thuus!’

The slogan for 2022 ‘Welkom Thuus’ has been unofficially used for years by visitors, artists and staff and is inspired by the mutual solidarity at the Zwarte Cross. People help each other, offer each other a beer and keep an eye on each other. Many visitors are an extension of the typical Achterhoek hospitality and that is great to see. The theme ‘Welkom Thuus’ is also a good opportunity to tighten Rikie’s house rules once again and to put them in the spotlight. Everyone should feel completely at home at the Zwarte Cross, except jerks. Read the house rules of Tante Rikie here. It also tells you what you can do if you do not feel safe at the festival or if you want to make a report.

When do they give up the fight? Never!

From the very first Zwarte Cross, the festival organization De Feestfabriek has fought optimistically against patronization, corruption and pretension. The Zwarte Cross stands for freedom, exuberance, humor and friendliness. Therefore, there are far fewer rules and obligations at the Zwarte Cross than at other places where such large groups of people come together. The organization is committed to this fight. Of course, they cannot do this alone: they need their visitors! Fortunately, all editions they feel supported by the Zwarte Crossers, because the vast majority of their visitors make it a fantastic party every year. They are very proud of this and very grateful! An extensive opinion on inappropriate behavior at the Zwarte Cross can be found on their website.

Website: The 'Zwarte Cross'

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