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  • Sushi burrito's
  • Sushi burrito's
  • Sushi burrito's

Sushiburri Toronto is a Toronto based food truck specialized in sushi burritos. The truck offers a variety of freshly rolled burrito sized sushi rolls including spicy salmon, lobster and chicken. In addition to sushi burritos, the truck also serves poke salads and yakitori.

Sushiburri | combining Japanese and Mexican kitchen

The sushi burrito roll brings together a burrito with the taste and texture of sushi. The special sushi burrito has all the ingredients you’d associate with the regular salmon roll or other sushi staple. Guests have the option to add a number of optional additives such as lobster and chicken. Next to the foodtruck, Sushiburri also serves the snack with their catering.

Website: Toronto Food Trucks

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