Sushi Wedding Cake | By Jonatan Lopes, the Brazilian Sushiman


Sushi Wedding Cake | By Jonatan Lopes, the Brazilian Sushiman

Jonatan Lopes, the Brazilian Sushiman, creates the most beautiful Japanese buffets and Sushi Wedding Cake. We love the idea! Especially if you don’t have a sweet tooth and you’re going to get married, you might consider this savory alternative! Here is a video of the making of the Sushi Wedding Cake at the Facebook page of Tasty and if you want to see more work by Jonatan view than his Facebook.

Credits to Jonatan Lopes, the Sushi Wedding Cake maker

If you’re living in Brasil you might consider having Jonatan Lopes to cater your Japanese buffet! His company is located near São Paulo. And you can even include a Sushi cake at the buffet even if you’re not celebrating a marriage! Check out his Instagram account and Facebook page for more information and images of great Japanese buffets. Thanks for the inspiration, Jonatan!

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