Storytelling | Villa De Bear


Villa De Bear can be found in an old teddy bear factory, situated in the west of Bangkok. If we are talking about special concepts and storytelling around your brand, this restaurant should be named. Although the production of teddy bears in this factory stopped a long time ago, the history of the property is still clearly visible. A perfect example of a concept which is conducted in detail.

Villa De Bear

On arrival at As Villa De Bear you soon realise that this is not a usual restaurant. After being welcomed in the courtyard by a statue of a teddy bear you walk into the fascinating world of teddy bear production. This is the story: Villy, the restaurants mascot, inherited his uncle’s Teddy bear factory. He soon realized that he was more passionate about food and drinks rather than fabricating teddy bears. Villy decided to convert the factory into a food village, honouring the venue’s history.

Each area of the restaurant is another stage in the former production of the teddy bears. The different dining rooms all lead back towards the history of the building. Besides that, the restaurant is filled with inspirational quotes on the walls, pillows, ground and on even the coffee mugs. If the weather is good, guest can also choose to sit on the big terrace.

In short, check out the Facebook and Instagram of Villa De Bear to step into the world of Villy. And if you visiting Bangkok during your holiday, don’t forget to visit the old teddy bear factory!

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