Starbuck on rails


  • Starbucks

Today, Starbucks Coffee Company and SBB unveiled the first Starbucks store on a train – offering travelers a new place and way to enjoy their favourite Starbucks coffee. The first official voyage for the Starbucks train will take place on the train line running from Geneva Airport to St.Gallen in Switzerland on November 21. In a pilot project, two dining cars are changed into Starbucks locations: on the lower deck, a take-away and the coffee is served on the upper deck. And a Starbucks trolley circulates through the train. The design is contemporary and focused on comfort, yet at the same time functional with a color scheme inspired by coffee. The opening of this train coffeeshop marks the rollout of a new B2B model for Starbucks. They will – together with partners – start selling coffee in places like drive-through’s (already active in Germany), shops in supermarkets and department stores (Galeries Lafayette) and vending machines in offices.


Website: Starbucks

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