SLA opens new location in Leiden


  • Berre and Munur, SLA Leiden's franchisees, posing in front of their new location.
  • Preparation of a fresh SLA meal.
  • A large SLA meal, completely vegetarian.

From now on, Leiden can also enjoy “the magic of veggies” with all the healthy and delicious things SLA has to offer. The fast-growing fast casual concept SLA is expanding nationwide and has opened a 14th location in the center of Leiden. Together with franchisees Berre and Munur, SLA opened the first of a series of new branches on Maarsmansteeg in Leiden.

SLA continues to grow

SLA is a fast-growing scale-up founded in 2013, which now has 14 branches. SLA has an ambitious growth target of 5 to 6 new SLA branches per year. A new location was opened on March 15, together with franchisees Berre and Munur in the center of Leiden.

Together with more than 15 small-scale partners and farmers who each provide unique, mainly organic ingredients or drinks, SLA offers irresistibly tasty dishes in which vegetables play the leading role, so that really good and delicious food is accessible to everyone. SLA will expand the number of locations together with franchise partners in the coming years.

Co-founder Jop de Graaf: “As far as SLA is concerned, health for ourselves goes hand in hand with health for the world. With SLA we want to increase our impact and make it easy for everyone to participate. With the focus on plant-based ingredients, a practically zero-waste kitchen and fair partnerships we are taking important steps. As a proud family business, we work every day with a motivated team to use our company for positive change. And everyone who eats SLA participates. One salad at a time. Everything for a small impact on the world and a great impact on yourself.”

With a team of more than 200 colleagues, SLA is the largest plant-focused chain in the Netherlands and the company is rapidly opening new branches to further shape its ambitious growth objectives.

Co-founder Nina Pierson: “Now is the time for the next step. As a society, we are facing enormous challenges. The current food system entails too many negative side effects and affects the health of us as humans and our planet. This must change. We want to contribute from SLA accelerating the inevitable transition to plant-focused eating, because only in this way we can make healthy, but also, above all, good food the new standard.” Nina adds: “All this guides our actions. We strive to enable our customers, team members and partners to be a positive force in the food system of today and tomorrow. That is why we have a transparent supplier network, we cook from scratch in our own central kitchen and we are building a community of people who believe in the power of real food.”

Website: SLA

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