September tradition revives at Castle de Haar | Soirées Septembre on September 29th and 30th


  • Kasteel de Haar - Soirées SeptembreKasteel de Haar - Soirées Septembre
  • Soirées Septembre in Kasteel de Haar vroegerSoirées Septembre in Kasteel de Haar vroeger
  • Soirées Septembre - 29 en 30 september in Kasteel de HaarSoirées Septembre - 29 en 30 september in Kasteel de Haar

On Friday, September 29th, and Saturday, September 30th, a rich, old tradition will revive at Castle de Haar; the September dinners of Baron and Baroness Van Zuylen van Nijevelt-de Rothschild will come back to life. For lovers of haute cuisine, impressive surroundings, and the noble grandeur of a century ago, this is a unique opportunity to dine exclusively and in style. The maître de maison provides his guests with an unforgettable experience by pampering them with culinary delights and entertaining them with visual and historical surprises.

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Castle de Haar

After the death of his father in 1890, Etienne Baron van Zuylen van Nijevelt inherited the castle ruins of Castle de Haar. He did not have the money to realize his dream of rebuilding the castle, but fortunately, three years earlier, he had married the wealthy Hélène Baroness de Rothschild in Paris. Together they decide to engage a famous architect. The choice falls on Pierre Cuypers, who made a name for himself with the construction of the Central Station and the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. The ancestral castle rises again in an impressive mixture of medieval atmosphere and late 19th-century luxury and comfort. For the Van Zuylen-van Nijevelts, who lived in Paris, Castle de Haar serves as a pleasant country retreat.

September tradition

Around 1900, a tradition started at Castle de Haar, which has since become known as the ‘September tradition’. At the end of the summer, the Baron and Baroness took up residence in the castle. They organized grand receptions in the form of magnificent dinners and fashionable evening parties. Among their many, often wealthy guests, were members of royal families and European nobility, bankers, movie stars, and politicians.

Enjoy one of the Soirées Septembre on 29 or 30 September

Once again, but this time on September 29th and 30th, 2023, the September tradition is a serious matter. In the spirit of this, Castle de Haar launches the Soirées Septembre. The Belle Epoque revives, and the guests will not lack anything. Upon arrival, they will be picked up from the parking lot by an old-timer and taken to the castle entrance. In the imposing Main Hall, the butler welcomes them with an aperitif, after which the maître de maison invites them to the table. The program for both soirées has been carefully compiled and promises the guests, in addition to an exclusive three-course dinner, a multitude of unforgettable sensations and impressions. Catering company Maison van den Boer is responsible for the dinner.

The ‘Soirées Septembre’ will be held from 19.00 hour till 23.00 hour, you will be able to book as from May 25. The dress code is black tie.

It sounds a bit like the more modern, Dutch counterpart to the American ‘Bridgerton Experience’.

Website: Castle de Haar

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