Septem beer


Septem beer is a Greek beer. In Latin Septem means ‘seven’. The meaning inspired the creators of the beer to create various beers and name them after the days of the week. During Terra Madre in Turin Armand tasted all the different types. This included the Tuesday and Wednesday variant, however these are not available anymore.

The beer variants are: Monday’s Pilsner, Thursday’s Red Ale, Friday’s Pale Ale , Saturday’s Porter, Sunday’s Honey Golden Ale en Septem 8η Μέρα (Septem’s eighth day).


The microbrewery of Septem is located in Orologio (Greece). The microbrewery was founded by the Greek oenologist (wine expert) Sofoklis Panagiotou and the economist Georgios Panagiotou. They began with their first distribution of the bottles of beer in June 2009.

Masterclass in brewing beer

Sofoklis Panagiotou gives a masterclass in brewing beer in Amsterdam, on Monday 13 April 2015. He will explain how he creates his award-winning beer. It’s also possible to taste the beer afterwards!

You can reserve here to participate the masterclass.

Website: Septem

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