Scandic Hotel in Stockholm revitalizes the Vasateatern theater


  • Vasateatern
  • Vasateatern

After years of having stood empty the Vasateatern theater in Stockholm will be revived. A vibrant cultural scene for theater and music will become a reality when the theatre is connected with the Scandic Grand Central hotel, along with restaurants and bars it will create a one-of-a-kind hotel. The design for the ‘Vasateatern’ is a cooperation between the leading hotel chain in the Nordic region, Scandic, and the owner of the property, KLP Fastigheter.

The foyer of the theater (from 1890’s) was already part of Scandic Grand Central, but now the whole theater will be back in the spotlight. Guests will be able to step directly from the hotel’s bistro into the historic and beautiful theater, where legendary Swedish actors and actresses have performed.

The plan for the Vasateatern theater

Scandic Central Hotel has already distinguished itself as an ambitious venue for concerts and clubbing. With the theater the hotel will be able to attract a larger audience. The theater will be rented to companies that produce smaller musicals, theater and dance performances. The restoration of the theater takes place under the guidance of antique experts and depending on the length of the renovation, the theatre is expected to reopen in the spring or summer of 2016.

In Amsterdam the Supperclub will settle at the Odeon theater

Recently it has become known that the property of the Odeon theatre in Amsterdam is sold to the Supperclub. The Supperclub is forced to move to a new location after 20 years. The Odeon is a large and impressive building in the heart of Amsterdam with a rich history as amongst others, a former theater, cinema and concert hall. What exactly will be the interpretation remains a surprise but with the Supperclub this is definitely something to look forward to.

Website: Scandic Grand Central

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