Saunagondel, the mobile four-person electric sauna designed by industrial designer Toni Egger and communication expert Felix Tarantik. It  was introduced at the world’s largest fair for design in Milan, Italy in April 2016, the “Salone del Mobile”.

Saunagondel designers

The two German designers were looking for a high-quality easy to use outdoor sauna but could not find one. This is why they built Saunagondel. Frames of original Swiss ski gondolas are combined with custom-made high-quality interiors of silver fir wood. Heat gives a design award-winning 4.5 kW electric heater.


Saunagondel withstands extreme weather conditions and is light weighted. This makes it easy to transport and fast to set up. It can be installed in every garden or yard, having a footprint of only two by two meters. Only a 400 volt high-current power supply is needed. After that it is plug and play. WIFI control for the heater is inclusive. The only time you will be sweating is while enjoying the up to 100 degrees Celsius while using Saunagondel yourself.

Saunagondel as gondel

We think it would be really cool if the Saunagondel would be introced as a real gondel as well. While relaxing in the sauna one can enjoy the beautiful nature of the mountains. As soon as this idea will be introduced we will definitely visit one and show you why this idea is so “cool”!

Website: Saunagondel

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