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  • The Building - © Sapphire House AntwerpThe Building - © Sapphire House Antwerp
  • Cocktailbar of the Sapphire - © Sapphire House AntwerpCocktailbar of the Sapphire - © Sapphire House Antwerp
  • Restaurant WILDn - © Sapphire House AntwerpRestaurant WILDn - © Sapphire House Antwerp
  • Map Sapphire House AntwerpMap Sapphire House Antwerp
  • Lobby of the Sapphire House Antwerp - © Sapphire House Antwerp
  • A hotel room of the Sapphire House Antwerp - © Sapphire House AntwerpA hotel room of the Sapphire House Antwerp - © Sapphire House Antwerp
  • A hotel room of the Sapphire House Antwerp - © Sapphire House AntwerpA hotel room of the Sapphire House Antwerp - © Sapphire House Antwerp

Opening – Sapphire House Antwerp, the long awaited Marriott hotel in Antwerp, opened its doors this week. The five star hotel is the first hotel in the world that is completely plant-based. This five star hotel is located on the 16th century site of the Antwerp Stock Exchange and was carefully renovated with the idea to protecting international cultural heritage. Sapphire House Antwerp has 139 rooms, all unique and with their own character, a plant-based bistro PLANTn, a lively cocktail bar, and a gym. It promises to be a unique hotel experience for every guest…exactly like nothing else.

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The hotel, Sapphire House Antwerp, is the newest addition to Antwerp tourism. Anyone with a taste for culture, fashion or good food should book a room at this five-star hotel. Located on the 16th-century site of the Antwerp Stock Exchange, this hotel brings Antwerp’s magnificent heritage back to life.

Sapphire House Antwerp is an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott

Sapphire House Antwerp is an Autograph Collection Hotel by Marriott, through the Odyssey Hotel Group. In addition, Sapphire House Antwerp is also the first Marriott International hotel to be located in Antwerp. “Sapphire House Antwerp is the best entry into the Belgian market we could wish for. It is a true gem in Antwerp just waiting to be kissed awake” – Rick Van Erp, Chief Executive Officer of Odyssey Hotel Group.

Centrally located in the heart of the diamond capital of the world, amidst the city’s finest stores, restaurants and cultural attractions, ‘Den Grooten Robijn’, as the building was called in the 16th century, has been carefully renovated to its original glory. The luxurious 139 rooms each offer a unique experience and are spread across the three buildings that jointly form the hotel.

 The history of Sapphire House Antwerp

A hidden passage brings guests from the world’s first trade fair to the center of the hotel. The building itself is an amalgamation of no less than three buildings that have been completely renovated, but still exude the history of Antwerp’s Golden Age. Many authentic elements of the original interior have been preserved, such as unique historic staircases, 18th-century fireplaces, rococo ornaments with historic images and authentic wooden floors. The original rococo drawings of the 18th-century renovation by architect Jan Pieter van Baurscheit de Jonge can still be found in the Plantin-Moretus Museum. As if these elements were not breathtaking enough, in the middle of the hotel you will find two breathtaking patios that form an oasis of calm. A unique experience in the middle of Antwerp’s busy historic center, within walking distance of all the cultural and culinary highlights.

A metamorphosis with respect for precious heritage

The hotel was not named Sapphire House Antwerp by chance. With its location on Antwerp’s most precious heritage site, the hotel exudes the character and spirit of thousands of years of trade, including that of precious stones such as sapphires. Sapphires are beloved gemstones known for their great beauty and extraordinary properties. The equally stunning surroundings give travellers an insight into the city’s extraordinary traditions and beauty, while the building itself has also been renovated with an eye for the authentic elements of its heritage. Through its location on the site of the original Handelsbeurs, the building tells a wonderful story, making it a wonderful addition to the range of boutique hotels in Antwerp.

At Sapphire House Antwerp, guests will enjoy a precious and brilliant experience that is at least as magnificent as the sapphire itself. The 139 rooms each promise a different experience and a unique memory. Each one is a place where guests are connected to the timelessness and atmosphere of the building; a setting where guests are immersed in the invigorating and radiant spirit of a history of hundreds of years of commerce. Guests can expect a wide selection of luxury rooms, a lively cocktail bar and pure gastronomic craftsmanship. The unforgettable consists of a subtle balance between surprise and ritual. Everything is part of the art of hospitality, in the Antwerp style. An art that Sapphire House Antwerp embodies and constantly reinvents with all the experience and expertise that characterize the hotel. Throughout the hotel, hospitality unfolds like a protective blanket.

  • Five-star experience in a luxury mansion
  • Personalized service, concierge service, luggage service and a unique breakfast experience
  • A complementary stocked minibar with plant-based, authentic items carefully selected by the chef.
  • Each morning, guests can take a tour of the beautiful trade show.
  • 24/7 Carats Gym operated by our partner Enforce, offers personalized workout programs

Sapphire House Antwerp is an unique event venue

There are endless possibilities at Sapphire House Antwerp and the adjacent Handelsbeurs which serves as a stunning event venue. A hidden passage brings guests to the traditional Handelsbeurs, ideal for large conferences, parties and weddings.

 Focus on sustainability

Sapphire House Antwerp goes 100% plant-based. Creating a positive impact on the local community and environment is central to Sapphire House Antwerp, with a view to reducing the footprint wherever possible. The hotel offers room products in residential format to operate responsibly. The hotel is 100% plant-based and operates in the most sustainable way possible. Water is offered in sustainable packaging and the hotel is cleaned with ecological products. Recycled paper is used for packaging and the restaurants work mostly with organic products from local sources.

Fun fact: every day, 278 guests will eat plant-based food at Sapphire House Antwerp, whereby the impact on the environment is huge, as it drastically reduces the carbon footprint. When all 278 guests do not eat meat for one day, it saves 13,900 KG of CO2 emissions per day, and when they do not eat cheese or drink milk for one day, it saves 2780 liters of water per day. Guests in Sapphire House Antwerp are part of something much bigger.

Female empowerment

In addition to the importance of history, hospitality and culinary innovation, Sapphire House Antwerp is strongly committed to female empowerment. The Antwerp hotel world is rather masculine, but with two managing ladies this hotel is taking a first step. Anne Ludmann acts as General Manager of Sapphire House Antwerp. She is a true Parisienne who has worked in the most prestigious hotels in Paris. With 20 years of experience in luxury lifestyle hospitality, she surrounds herself with a perfect team that she trusts and supports to the utmost. Part of that winning team is Margo Peeters – Head of Sales and Marketing at Sapphire House Antwerp. Born and raised in Antwerp, Margo understands people and the market. She was eager to enter the world of hospitality, culminating in being part of this unique hotel from the very beginning. In the future, Sapphire House Antwerp aims to build a strong community for equally strong women through activities and events.

Website: Sapphire House Antwerp

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