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  • Esentzia SagardiRundertong sandwich & gerijpte rundercarpaccio met rode garnalen - Esentzia Sagardi
  • Esentzia SagardiEsentzia Sagardi - vlees van de Baskische grill
  • Esentzia SagardiAnanas met vanille en caramel - het dessert van Esentzia Sagardi
  • Mikel en Iñaki López de Viñaspre and Gregorio TolosaMikel en Iñaki López de Viñaspre and Gregorio Tolosa

Sagardi Amsterdam is the place to be for the most beautiful products from the Basque Country, prepared on Sagardi’s own unique Basque grill. In the original style passed down from generation to generation. Pure, honest and prepared with a lot of love and fire. To honour the culinary treasures and rich traditions of their native soil, Sagardi has created a new tradition: Esentzia Sagardi. A recurring culinary event in which one product takes the central stage in a menu specially created for this purpose. The first edition, which will take place from the 2nd to the 28th of November, will focus on Galician beef.

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Esentzia Sagardi | Culinary fireworks and excellent meat from the Basque grill

Mikel López de Viñaspre, chef and co-founder of Sagardi Amsterdam, and Gregorio Tolosa, chef of Bidea2 in Pamplona, have designed an extraordinary menu for the very first Esentzia Sagardi. During this first edition, they provide culinary fireworks with the most diverse pieces of beef from the grill.
The chefs find each other in their mutual respect for the quality of the raw product and their love for the fire of the Basque grill. During the kick-off of Esentzia Sagardi guests enjoy their masterful control of the flames and their focus on the top quality meat from Discarlux, Sagardi’s official supplier. Together they created an avant-garde six-course menu in which adventurous guests can experience the flavour created by cooking on an open fire and how even less common cuts of meat and fish become first-class ingredients.

Sagardi’s grill | On the menu of the first Esentzia Sagardi

The very first – out of a total of four exclusive Esentzia Sagardi menus that will appear on Sagardi’s menu in the coming year – is built around Galician beef (over ten years old) that has been carefully matured for 30 days. To transform the texture of this natural top product and give the taste buds of their guests an unprecedented experience, they use the grill specially designed by Sagardi, which has its origins in the Basque tradition.
The love Mikel and Gregorio feel for fire and local Basque ingredients and the experience they bring to the table, can be tasted in every dish that is part of this menu. It starts with an appetizing beef tongue sandwich. This is followed by a matured beef carpaccio with prawns from Palamós and their ‘esentzia’, Steak Tartare with ‘Almadraba’ caught tuna heart from Barbate, sweetbread with ‘Belza’ mushrooms and a Txuleton with seasonal piquillos. The dessert: pineapple, vanilla and caramel is based on a recipe by Pierre Hermé.
Undoubtedly an essential menu for all those meat lovers who want to enjoy the best ingredients and experience the ancient Basque tradition of cooking over fire, with care and passion. The menu is only available for a minimum of two people. Sagardi Amsterdam is located at 304 Spuistraat in Amsterdam. Reservations can be made through this link and the restaurant is open every day from 12:00 to 23:00 p.m..

Website: Sagardi Amsterdam

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