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  • Restaurant 't Slaakhuys in RotterdamRestaurant 't Slaakhuys in Rotterdam
  • Restaurant 't Slaakhuys in RotterdamRestaurant 't Slaakhuys in Rotterdam
  • Restaurant 't Slaakhuys in RotterdamRestaurant 't Slaakhuys in Rotterdam
  • Restaurant 't Slaakhuys in RotterdamRestaurant 't Slaakhuys in Rotterdam

Opening – On a spot where history used to be written, literally – the location served as the editorial office of the daily newspaper ‘Het Vrije Volk’ – the new restaurant ‘t Slaakhuys opens. The historic building on the Slaak, designed by architect Jo Vegter, has undergone a major transformation during reconstruction and comes with an entirely new and almost un-Dutch concept.

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The interior of restaurant ‘t Slaakhuys

Not only does the interior have a modern and warm feel (for instance, the walls of the restaurant are decorated with graffiti by well-known Rotterdam artist Marcel Labrie). The kitchen also offers a gastronomic experience, under the wings of star chef Tonny Berentsen.

Restaurant ‘t Slaakhuys is the place in Rotterdam to enjoy refined surroundings, excellent cuisine and the best wines and cocktails with colleagues, friends or your loved one. The beautiful building with its historical details, intimate corners and bustling bar is perfectly for this. The venue exudes international grandeur and we have done everything possible to maintain this atmosphere. It is a place where we elevate togetherness to an art.” says CEO Rob Hermans.

Star chef Tonny Berentsen

The menu of restaurant ‘t Slaakhuys is designed by none other than star chef Tonny Berentsen. Berentsen has been associated with classic French restaurant De Kromme Dissel since 1991, where a Michelin star has adorned the door for over 50 years. At ‘t Slaakhuys, however, the menu will look different, with intercontinental influences dominating. Guests will find contemporary and surprising dishes such as a luxury version of the Rotterdam ‘kapsalon’ with rendang and macadamia nuts, or the timeless classics sole meunière or poached lobster. But ‘t Slaakhuys is not just for dinner and lunch. For a lazy breakfast during the weekend or a quick meal before work, they also offers a well-considered and extensive breakfast.

Un-Dutch in Rotterdam

Restaurant ‘t Slaakhuys is situated in the plinth of the four-star-plus Fletcher Boutique Hotel Slaak-Rotterdam. And although we are not yet used to it in the Netherlands, in big cities like Paris and New York it is quite common for non-hotel guests to enjoy the worldly setting of a hotel. “With the arrival of ‘t Slaakhuys, we want to redefine dining, drinks and even breakfast in a hotel. So away with the dusty hotel image and uniformity, but instead that international luxury they already know so well across borders. Whether it’s a sumptuous breakfast with mimosas on a Sunday, a festive dinner with your loved one or blowing off steam with colleagues after a busy working day in the bar, it’s possible at ‘t Slaakhuys, in a vibrant and international setting,” says General Manager Costa Panagopoulos.

A piece of history

Visiting ‘t Slaakhuys is also immersing yourself in Rotterdam’s history: the building was formerly used by the daily paper ‘Het Vrije Volk’. Where the hotel rooms are now, the office section used to be. The four storeys above the reception area contained the editorial offices where journalists dealt with pressing social issues. Indeed, it was an editor of Het Vrije Volk itself who wrote the iconic words about the building: “a newspaper palace, unparalleled in architecture and functional design in the Dutch newspaper world, now houses our newspaper. Its beautiful facade now plays a clear role in the emergence of the new Oostplein and from afar the building -with all the countless others erected this year- bears witness to the drive that animates Rotterdam in building the great city, which attracts the attention of urban planners from all over the world more and more every year.” (quote from an article in ‘Het Vrije Volk’ (The Free People) 31-12-1954)

Sleeping in ‘t Slaakhuys with historical details

At ‘t Slaakhuys is not only fine dining. For those coming from out of town or perhaps have enjoyed a little too much champagne, 74 high-end hotel rooms are available in the upstairs hotel. The rooms and the hotel are characterised by luxurious finishes and authentic details that define the architecture of Rotterdam’s reconstruction. These include large windows for plenty of natural light and decorative brickwork. The rooms are also fully equipped and finished with a raw and industrial look so typical of the Port City. Designed by architect Jo Vegter.

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