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The unique gastronomic concept ‘Eatrenalin’ opens in Rust, Germany, on November 4 2022. This dining experience immerses you in different worlds – not only through smells and tastes, but also visually, acoustically and through touch and movement. The ‘restaurant of the future’ is firework for the senses. This is made possible by an impressive interplay of multimedia content, gastronomic delights and a patented new development, the Floating Chair by MACK Rides.


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Eatrenalin is located within the Europa-Park Resort

The initiators behind this unique gastronomic experience are Europa-Park managing partner Thomas Mack and gastronomy expert Oliver Altherr, CEO of Marché International. The vision and goal are to reinvent gastronomy and touch guests emotionally. The restaurant is located outside the theme park, within the Europa-Park Resort, next to the four-star superior hotel ‘Krønasår’ and Waterworld Rulantica. After the opening of Eatrenalin in Rust, they plan to roll out this concept internationally in the coming years.

The Eatrenalin experience

Eatrenalin is a sensory journey that brings together the strengths of the Baden-based Mack family business in a special way. “An innovative floating chair from MACK Rides, virtual media from MACK Animation and MackNeXT as well as the gastronomic expertise of a kitchen team with top international chefs. You won’t find anything like this anywhere else in the world,” said an elated Thomas Mack. Berlin production studio T-Rex Classics has also developed its own music for Eatrenalin, which also audibly underlines the choreography of the culinary journey. The restaurant with a total area of 1,600 m² is located next to the four-star superior themed hotel ‘Krønasår’. During the approximately two-hour experience, guests will experience different exciting worlds with innovative technology. “Eatrenalin combines an extraordinary menu with visual impressions, movement and scents, taking guests to spectacular places which creates a new dining dimension,” adds joint venture partner Oliver Altherr.

Sensual worlds during culinary journey

Seeing, hearing, smelling, tasting, feeling – all the senses come into play in the different worlds during the eight-course menu. It starts with an exciting aperitif that puts you in the mood for the Eatrenalin experience. The journey through space and time begins in the Lounge with a glass of champagne and small treats to welcome you. A refreshing ritual cleanses the senses in Waterfall and guests distance themselves from everyday life. Discovery – everyone takes a seat in the floating chairs and the sensory journey begins. Then you ‘float’ into the space Ocean – and thus into the depths of the sea. This is followed by a taste explosion in Taste. Guests experience the flavours: sweet, sour, bitter and salty. The space changes and adapts to the different flavours. But the fifth dimension of taste is not forgotten either: Umami. A separate room is dedicated to this. Afterwards, visitors literally take off in a ‘Spaceship’. After the rocket launch, you float through the universe. Travellers experience the infinity of space and weightlessness after arriving on the moon in ‘Universe’. A second main course is served here. What the dessert tastes like? Highly imaginative! The pleasure experience is rounded off perfectly in ‘Incarnation’. After about two hours, the lift takes you back to reality and to the bar. That is where the 200 guests who take their journey through space, time, fiction and taste in one evening at Eatrenalin, end up.

Gastronomy at the highest level

Guests are treated to a culinary menu of eight courses. The cuisine combines modern and international influences, matching the respective atmospheres in the different worlds. A top European team has been assembled especially for this purpose – chef Pablo Montoro from Alicante is responsible for the menu. He worked as a star chef for ‘El Bulli’ in Spain, which was considered the most extraordinary restaurant in the world. “At Eatrenalin, the emphasis is not on international cuisines or exotic locations, but on the respective taste experience,” says the chef. Also responsible for this are Dutch sous-chef Ties van Oosten and French-Austrian chef-pâtissière Juliana Clementz. Both have worked in several two- and three-star restaurants. Together, they provide the creative input in Eatrenalin’s top gastronomy. “Every course is a culinary work of art that surprises and amazes,” promises Oliver Altherr. Alternatively, a vegan menu can also be chosen when booking.

A patented new development | The Floating Chair

The Floating Chairs, a worldwide new transport system from MACK Rides, puts visitors and food in motion. This state-of-the-art technology transports guests during the approximately two-hour experience. In it, they travel sensually to different exciting worlds. In the process, guests sit in different combinations – opposite or next to each other. The ‘floating seats’ are a patented new development and world first from MACK Rides and can be experienced for the first time at Eatrenalin. Each floating chair consists of almost 2,100 parts and has a total weight of 320 kilograms. The internationally successful attraction manufacturer from Waldkirch needed a year and a half for the development.

Media technology for a deceptively real reality

Virtual media from MACK Animation, one of the leading studios for cinematic animation films and high-quality media productions, and the think tank MackNeXT make the various worlds seem deceptively real. Guests dive into the depths of the ocean and fly into space – without even having to get up from their floating seats. “This allows us to create a unique experience. Mack Rides’ patented Floating Chair, for example, transports guests through the halls. Also, the multimedia content from MACK Animation and MACK NeXT ensures that the visual worlds are compelling,” says Thomas Mack. Innovative LED screens and projections are used in an interplay of media technology and film.

The idea behind Eatrenalin

The idea was born during a joint flight in ‘Voletarium’, Europa-Park’s ‘flying theatre’. “I discussed this vision with Oliver Altherr years ago,” says Thomas Mack. “In Voletarium, where you fly over European countries, the idea arose to enchant guests by sending them on a culinary journey. The aim is to add extra dimensions to gastronomy and touch guests emotionally. It is time to take visitors on a futuristic journey to different worlds, appealing to all their senses and making them marvel,” says joint venture partner Oliver Altherr, further explaining the concept. “It is unique and completely new. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to break out of everyday life and enjoy culinary delights. I am already looking forward to the first reactions of the guests. They can expect the most exciting restaurant experience in the world!” says Thomas Mack enthusiastically.

Eatrenalin packages

Tickets for Eatrenalin are now available in the online ticket shop via their website. Starting at 195 euros, Eatrenalin can be enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Global expansion

Following the opening of Eatrenalin at Europa-Park’s resort in Rust, the long-term plan is to roll it out internationally to major cities around the world. Potential investors can expect low-maintenance, secure and user-friendly system components as well as outstanding content and story worlds, innovative and individualized food concepts, lean and automated processes in catering operations and a modern marketing and communication mix.

We already wrote about the plans in summer 2021.

Website: Eatrenalin

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