Refreshing summer cocktails | Taste the sun with ‘The Mocktail Club’


  • The Mocktail Club - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club - credits Buro Bonito
  • The Mocktail Club - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club - credits Buro Bonito
  • The Mocktail Club - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club - credits Buro Bonito
  • The Mocktail Club - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club - credits Buro Bonito
  • The Mocktail Club - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club - credits Buro Bonito
  • The Mocktail Club by the sisters Kaat en Marie Claessens - credits Buro BonitoThe Mocktail Club by the sisters Kaat en Marie Claessens - credits Buro Bonito

At ‘The Mocktail Club’, the sisters Kaat and Marie Claessens are ready to take you on a journey full of delicious, non-alcoholic creations. The mocktails, with surprising combinations of fresh fruits, herbs and spices, are perfect for the warm days and warm evenings of the summer season. Join the club and celebrate life without regrets. The ready-to-use mocktails with 100% natural ingredients will get you started. Just shake, serve with ice, garnish and your favorite non-alcoholic beverage is ready in seconds.

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Perfect mocktails for summer and ‘sober conscious’

At ‘The Mocktail Club’, summer is celebrated with refreshing flavors perfect for sunny weather! The Mocktail Club lets you enjoy an array of flavors without a drop of alcohol. Summer weather really is the perfect setting for their refreshing drinks, which stimulate the senses and put a smile on your face. The non-alcoholic sector is growing year after year, the industry is maturing and some trends are becoming apparent. These trends reflect a rising awareness of health, a pursuit of premium experiences and a surge in the popularity of low- and no-alcohol beverages. Another notable trend is the pursuit of premiumization within the non-alcoholic segment. Consumers are no longer satisfied with simple substitutions for alcoholic beverages. They seek unique and premium experiences in their choice of non-alcoholic options. This has led to a greater diversity of flavors, ingredients and product presentations within this segment.

There’s a flavor for every moment of the season at ‘The Mocktail Club’

‘The Mocktail Club’ sells 7 unique blends that takes you to a different part of the flavor palette each time. From apero to dessert, everything has been created for you and each delicious dish comes with a matching mocktail. With each mocktail we also offer a matching botanical to serve the mocktail.

The perfect serve of their mocktails is made by gently shaking the bottle and serving the mocktail over ice, with the recommended botanical as garnish.

The 7 ready to serve mocktails from The Mocktail Club

N°1 BASIL & ELDERFLOWER: This mocktail based on lime, basil and elderflower strikes an elegant balance between sweet and sour. Perfect with salads, light dishes and desserts.

Garnish: sprig of basil and a lime slice

N°2 APPLE & THYME: The apple juice from old low stem trees gives a full and rich flavor. In turn, the presence of thyme provides a spicy touch that, together with the ginger, gives strength to the mocktail. These flavors go perfectly with poultry and white fish.

Garnish: sprig of thyme and a slice of lime.

N°4 GREEN TEA & ORANGE BLOSSOM: This smooth mocktail with Middle Eastern flavors is very approachable. N°4 consists of quality green tea from the first picking, fruity orange juice and orange blossom. The flavors perfectly complement Middle Eastern dishes, poultry and dessert.

Garnish: sprig of mint and a lemon slice

N°5 GRAPEFRUIT & VANILLA: The bitter touch of pink grapefruit sharpens the appetite, making it ideal as an aperitif. This mocktail is the perfect pairing with white fish and shellfish.

Garnish: pink peppercorns and an edible flower

N°7 LEMONGRASS & CHILI: The combination of lemongrass and chili provides a tingly, slightly sour and oriental touch. Perfect with Asian dishes and fish.

Garnish: slices of jalapeno and a slice of lime

N°8 RHUBARB & FENNEL: The sweet and sour flavour of rhubarb and the anise touch made of fennel pair perfectly with seafood, salty dishes and dessert.

Garnish: sprig of dill and timut pepper berries

N°9 SUMMER BERRY & CHAMOMILE: The sweet and sour accent of blackberries is balanced by the delicate floral flavor of chamomile flowers. The surprising twist in the flavor experience comes from tarragon. Perfect to pair with lamb, cheese and desserts.

Garnish: sprig of tarragon and a lemon slice

Meet the sisters behind this club

The beating heart of ‘The Mocktail Club’ are the sisters Marie and Kaat Claessens. The story started with Marie. When she discovered at the age of eighteen that she had an intolerance to alcohol, Marie considered it a small tragedy at first. But soon she turned that into something positive. In 2015, she started a blog on which she shared recipes and inspiration for original mocktails. In 2017, she bottled her first bottle. Barely one year later, Marie was voted most promising entrepreneur of East Flanders. Since 2019, sister Kaat has been co-founding the business. Together they mix and shake with great passion, from the first to the last drop.

About ‘The Mocktail Club’

Meanwhile, you can find The Mocktail Club on the menu of several (Michelin starred) restaurants, deli’s, concept stores and even supermarkets. The various ready-to-serve mocktails are also available through The Mocktail Club’s web shop. You can buy them in 1-liter bottles (good for 6 servings), with or without accompanying botanicals. You can taste The Mocktail Club’s mocktails at the following Michelin starred restaurants, like: Zilte, Nuance, Boury, Colette, and Hostellerie St. Nicolas.

You can also enjoy a mocktail at home! Available in Belgium at Colruyt, Delhaize, Cru and retail outlets.

Fresh ingredients, pure flavors and completely vegan

When it comes to quality, Marie and Kaat make no concessions: ‘We want only the best of the best for all our customers. Both for the people who want to enjoy our mocktails at home and in a Michelin starred restaurant. That’s why we only work with refined, natural ingredients of the highest quality.’

The mocktails are all prepared with fresh fruits, herbs, spices and unrefined sugars. Their own atelier is the place where the magic happens. The result: always new, unique and refreshing flavor combinations.

‘Currently we have seven different flavors: one by one delicious, alcohol-free cocktails without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. Moreover, our 100% natural mocktails are also low in calories. They are even completely vegan.’

In November 2023 we wrote about the ‘Cheers without tears’ initiative by this club.

Website: The Mocktail Club

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