Ramen Restaurant Takumi is celebrating its 15th anniversary.


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The famous ramen restaurant Takumi is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year and is organizing festive activities and moments throughout the year to celebrate. In 2007, they opened their first branch in Düsseldorf and by now there are already 41 restaurants to be found all over Europe. At Takumi you can enjoy authentic Japanese Sapporo Noodles which have become extremely popular in recent years. To celebrate Takumi’s 15th anniversary and to show gratitude to the loyal Takumi fans, several festive moments are set up in 2022. These include multiple live events in different European cities, a lottery to win a trip every quarter of the year, a ‘Create your own ramen’ challenge and the launch of a limited edition Takumi clothing collection. So expect an extensive and festive program to celebrate 15 years of love for Japanese Soul Food, of which the first event will take place in Rotterdam on April 30!

Takumi now has 41 locations throughout Europe. In Belgium they have locations in Brussels and Antwerp, eight in total. There is also a Takumi in Prague, Czech Republic, one in Vienna in Austria and one in Milan, Italy. Germany has no fewer than 14 locations spread over Düsseldorf, Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Köln. Also in Spain you can enjoy the ramen at Takumi at five different locations in Barcelona. In the Netherlands you can taste Takumi’s specialties in The Hague, Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven. We will definitely visit soon!

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A Trip Down Memory Lane

Takumi Ramen was introduced to Europe 15 years ago by Mr. Saeki and Mr. Okada during their collaboration in Amsterdam. They shared a big dream to open their own ramen restaurant in Europe one day. During that time, Mr. Saeki came across noodles made in Sapporo and realized that this was what he wanted. When Takumi was ready for the grand opening, he brought Mr. Okada over to Germany. Their long-held dream became a reality at that moment. The first Takumi restaurant finally opened in January 2007 in Düsseldorf. Since then, ramen has become immensely popular as Japanese Soul Food and Takumi is thus spreading the love for Japanese cuisine from several countries in Europe.

Live events, win actions and challenges

In honour of the 15th anniversary of Takumi, a yearlong series of events, competitions and prizes will be organized. With the ‘Takumi on tour’ live events are organized in four different cities, where everyone is invited to come and enjoy favourite ramen. During the events Takumi ramen noodles organizes ramen challenges, exclusive merchandise is available and there are exciting prizes to be won. The first edition of the live events will take place on April 30 in Rotterdam and later in the year Takumi will travel further to Antwerp, Barcelona and Düsseldorf. Throughout the year, Takumi fans can enter a lottery, with which participants can win trips to Barcelona, Milan, Amsterdam every quarter of the year and, as a big hit, a 5-day trip to Japan. To have an extra chance of winning a trip to Japan, Takumi is launching a ‘Create your own ramen challenge’, where participants come up with their own Ramen recipe using the Nissin Takumi cup noodles and submit it via the website. Extra fun: the winning recipe will be featured as a special on the menu at selected Takumi restaurants for a month!

About Takumi

Takumi is a Japanese ramen restaurant founded in 2007 by Mr. Saeki and Mr. Okada. Ramen is the ultimate soul-food of Japanese cuisine, with Takumi being known for its authentic Sapporo Noodles. Takumi uses only original recipes and authentic spices that they specially import from Japan. Only the right noodles give the ramen its authentic flavour, which is why they come all the way from Japan’s northernmost region, Hokkaido, where they are produced and fermented under strict conditions to give the soups their strong, distinctive flavour. The ramen is on the menu in a variety of ways, with a broth of pork, chicken, or Miso or Shoyu as the base. In addition, you’ll find various side dishes like Gyoza, Kara-age and many more authentic side dishes on the menu. Takumi has grown over the past 15 years into a brand with its own merchandise. The chain now has 41 locations throughout Europe in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Hungary.

Website: Takumi Ramen Noodles.

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