Power to the Pieper


The potato is already hundreds of years super nutritious and contributes in combination with vegetables, meat or fish to your daily amount of vitamins and minerals. Earlier we wrote an article about the ‘opperdoezer’ potato . The potato is often put in a negative light. To change this view aardappel.nl launched a campaign: ‘Power to the Pieper.’


Lots of people are fans of the superfoods but after quinoa, goji berries or wheat grass they now want to introduce the potato. The potato contains many essential nutrients. And a portion of cooked potatoes (200 grams) contains 150 calories, almost 100 calories less than the same portion of cooked rice. Besides that the potatoes are also quite cheap and easy to prepare.

Power to the Pieper

The next few weeks the #PowertothePieper potatoes will be placed in the spotlights throughout the Netherlands. All the potato farmers and traders participate in this campaign and have renamed their potatoes into ‘Power to the Piepers’. Take a picture of the packaging with #powertothepieper and share your pieper at the social media.

Website: Power to the Pieper

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