Playground WIP/WAP beer – create your own unique beer


One box, two beers and a unique flavour. That, in a nutshell is the WIP/WAP beer from the VandeStreek brewers in Utrecht (the Netherlands).

WIP/WAP beer is created to mix, that’s why they are sold in one box. WIP, the White IPA has the fruity and fresh aroma of American hops, is full of flavour through the wheat and thirst-quenching as a white beer. WAP, the oaked Barley Wine is high in alcohol and has a full, round flavour. Create your own beer by mixing both beers and be surprised by the balance.

How to make your own WIP/WAP beer?

The boys from the VandeStreek brewery suggest the following: pour the WIP in a tall glass. Drink half and do not forget to enjoy it! Pour half of the WAP in the same glass. Now you have your own new combination! Don’t forget to drink the remaining half of the WAP.

Of course you don’t have to mix half/half. The nice thing about this beer is that you can play with it as much as you want. You determine the taste of your beer.

Playground WIP/WAP beer is definitely a nice addition to the assortment of beers of your pub. Put it on your menu and you can even recommend a special combination to your pubs taste!

Website: VandeStreek Bier

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