Pisco Embassy; Cocktails with Pisco


Pisco Embassy, London’s first late-night Pisco bar opened mid-November on Upper Street in Islington. Another single booze bar!

Next to the immense culinary popularity, it looks like the cocktails with Peru’s Pisco liquor are gaining popularity as well. I used to travel to Lima (Peru) a number of times and really enjoyed a Pisco Sour back then. When I read that the Pisco Embassy in London opened in the newsletter from The Food People, it brought back cocktail licious memories! That’s why I went looking for the original recipe for a Pisco Sour, as shown in the video by Epicurious.

Pisco Embassy; Cocktails with Pisco

The cocktail menu at Pisco Embassy offers twists on classic cocktails with Pisco; such as the Pisco Embassy Punch (Pisco mixed with fresh pineapple juice and a touch of lemon), Machu Picchu Nights (Pisco infused with Shisho leaves, shaken with lemon juice, red basil syrup, mixed berry purée and pressed apple juice) and Chicha Sour (Pisco with Peruvian purple corn syrup and lemon juice).Head bartender José Francisco-Modonese, hailing from Lima, is passionate about his country’s national spirit, the grape brandy Pisco. He gets his inspiration from visits to Peru during the harvesting and distilling time of Pisco. He visits the vineyards, Bodegas and specialized Pisco bars and brings new ideas back to London. The Pisco Embassy serves cocktails with infused Pisco liquors. ^Marjolein

Website: Pisco Embassy

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