SavorEat | Personalized plant-based 3D printed hamburgers made by a chef robot


  • SavorEatSavorEat
  • SavorEatSavorEat
  • SavorEatSavorEat

An ordering app as your waiter and a robot as your chef! More and more examples of these two items are spotted worldwide. The app is common use now and robots are spotted in restaurants as well. They’re an asset at the moment you can’t find enough staff. But we now spotted an Israeli foodtech firm SavorEat that combines it all. Customers order their personalized plant-based hamburger through an app and their robot will 3D print it and cook it to their preferences.

The robot chef of SavorEat is a technological solution to digitally manufacture meat alternatives from non-GMO plant-based proteins, according to individual tastes. They focus on consumer’s needs and are putting the individual front and center. This approach puts the company in the new future of the Food Industry while offering solutions for fast-moving kitchens. The robot chef has been unveiled in collaboration with the Israeli hamburger chain BBB (Burgus Burger Bar). They also connected with Sodexho, which feeds students at major US universities, to start trial the system this year.

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Next Gen Foods introduces plant-based chicken ‘TiNDLE’ to the European market in Amsterdam


  • TiNDLE Wellington en Honey Butter Chicken ConeTiNDLE Wellington en Honey Butter Chicken Cone
  • Superlike Boa en Bun Cha BowlSuperlike Boa en Bun Cha Bowl
  • Cococabana Risotto en Big Birdy Yes burgerCococabana Risotto en Big Birdy Yes burger
  • John SeegersJohn Seegers

The fast-growing Singaporean food-tech startup Next Gen Foods – founded in 2020 – will make its European debut this year, starting in Amsterdam. The company has a state-of-the-art production facility in the Netherlands, where its main product – plant-based chicken ‘TiNDLE’ – is made. TiNDLE has been successfully launched in Asia and the Middle East and people recently had a sneak preview at The New York City Wine & Food Festival, where the product received critical acclaim. TiNDLE is now available in about 150 restaurants.

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Collective Kitchen: Virtual plant-based kitchen


  • Collective KitchenCollective Kitchen

LIVEKINDLY Collective, the world’s fastest growing plant-based company, launched Collective Kitchen to meet the growing curiosity for plant-based living. The new engaging content platform offers inspiration and allows people all over the globe to follow 11 experienced chefs creating delicious dishes with plant-based ingredients. Anchored by a dedicated, digital destination devoted to 50 original recipes, Collective Kitchen is ideated and produced by LIVEKINDLY, the world’s leading digital lifestyle brand focused on sustainability and conscious living. The plant-based oriented website Collective Kitchen is now online.

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Chipotle tests Plant-Based Chorizo


  • Plant-Based Chorizo by Chipotle

Chipotle Mexican Grill (NYSE: CMG) recently announced its latest menu innovation, Plant-Based Chorizo, is in test in Denver and Indianapolis. Plant-Based Chorizo is the brand’s first new plant-based protein option since the debut of Sofritas® in 2014.

Chipotle developed its chorizo alternative internally, passing companies like Beyond Meat and Impossible, which have several deals with other fast food-chains for meat alternatives on their menus. Let’s see if the plant-based Chorizo will become available in all their restaurants.

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Juicy Marbles | Plant-based Filet Mignon steaks on the market


  • Juicy Marbles seasoning
  • Juicy Marbles filet mignon mushroom and oat creme
  • Juicy Marbles tenderloin
  • Juicy Marbles

Juicy Marbles from Ljubljana, Slovenia makes history with the first marbled steaks made from plants. With a patent pending on the name, Meat-o-matic Reverse Grinder™ 9000. The founders of Juicy Marbles have been able to mimic the muscle texture and marbling of meat by aligning and layering fibers from the bottom up with all-natural ingredients. 

Did you see the images of this Filet Mignon? It looks like a real Filet Mignon, we hope it will be available in the supermarkets in the Netherlands soon. We would love to taste it! If it’s really the first plant-based Filet Mignon? We recently also wrote about a plant-based version made of wagyu meat, called ‘Waygu’. This product by the Canadian company Top Tier Foods (TTF) is making a limited debut in the US with hopes of rolling out at 4,000 sushi locations nationwide. 

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Green Boy Group launched Plant-Meat Protein™ | A plant-based protein powder for meat substitutes


  • Founders of Green Boy and a plant-based burger

Green Boy Group announced today that it has launched Plant-Meat Protein™; a functional plant-based protein powder that is NON-GMO and developed as ‘meat’ grade. Plant-Meat Protein™ enhances mouthfeel, boost nutritional properties and enlarges the textured aspects in plant-based meat products.

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Grounded Foods | Plant-based cheeses with no nuts, no soy, no dairy and no additives


  • Cauliflower camembert by Grounded Foods
  • Feta cheese from hemp seeds from Grounded Foods

For many years the vegan cheese market merely consisted out of nut- and soy based products. Prices where high and the diversity was low as the market didn’t seem to progress, until now. Grounded Foods, founded by Veronica and Shaun Fil is offering a variety of cheeses, based on fermented cauliflower and hemp seeds. This way of making cheese keeps prices low and makes it possible for people with nut or soy allergies to also enjoy vegan cheese.

There is a choice between ‘Cauliflower and hemp camembert’, ‘Hemp seed feta’ and ‘Cauliflower Gruyere’ and the cheeses look delicious! We love to taste them.  

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Neat Burger | First location in London for this plant-based sustainable burger chain


  • Burger and Sides Trio by Neat Burger
  • The Cheese by Neat Burger
  • The Cheese with Tater Tots by Neat Burger
  • The Neat hero by Neat Burger
  • Venue of Neat Burger

Five-time FIA Formula One World Champion, Lewis Hamilton is collaborating with hospitality organisation ‘The Cream Group’ and investors including UNICEF Ambassador and early backer of Beyond Meat, Tommaso Chiabra, to revolutionize fast food when they launched the new concept Neat Burger, a plant-based sustainable burger chain. They opened their first site on September 2nd just off Regent Street in London.  Neat Burger promises to transform the way people see plant-based food by appealing to not only those who follow plant-based diets, but any individuals, meat-eaters included, who want to eat delicious meat-free dishes that are more sustainable, healthier and ethical. The team has ambitious plans to expand the concept globally with 14 franchises planned in the next 24 months.

We have been spotting a lot initiatives which include the burgers or other products by Beyond Meat. Burger King recently tested Beyond Fried Chicken™ which was sold out in no time and this September Subway will introduce the Beyond Meatball Marinara sub in 685 participating restaurants in Canada and the U.S. for a limited time only. As far as we know Neat Burger will be the first plant-based sustainable burger chain serving unique patties, specially created by their team of chefs in collaboration with Beyond Meat.      

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Ripple, plant-based milk | Will this change the dairy industry?


Ripple launched a new line of dairy products in April 2016 powered by $44 million from Google and Silicon Valley venture capitalists. But what is Ripple? Milk made from simple yellow peas. It’s a plant-based milk, high in protein, low in sugar. Ripple has a good taste (it has a creamy texture which is something other dairy free products are missing, according to the company), it nourishes your body and leaves a small footprint on the planet. Ripple milk is nut-, gluten-, lactose- and soy-free and 100% vegan.  read more

Pepsi unveils 100% plant-based bottle


PepsiCo – the company behind Pepsi and Tropicana – has unveiled what it claims is the world’s first 100 % plant-based bottle. The pilot production of the new bottle is set to start in 2012, and upon successful completion Pepsi intends to move directly into full-scale production.

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