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It’s finally time again to socialize with friends on the patio with a cocktail, spritzer or a mocktail. The demand for exciting drinks that don’t leave you hungover is growing and the #sobercommunity is on the rise. ORGANICS by Red Bull joins this demand: this spring, the alcohol-free and premium organic soda ORGANICS by Red Bull will be back in full force in the Dutch hospitality sector. In addition to the five existing flavors, three new flavors have been added, each with their own unique character: Purple Berry, Black Orange and Ginger Beer.

We recently tasted the three new flavors. Delicious, fresh and not too sweet. We love to picture ourselves with a cold glass in the sun on a terrace. The Ginger Beer flavor is nice and spicy and you can clearly taste the ginger. The ladies especially enjoyed the light sweetness of the Purple Berry.

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The three new flavors in the alcohol-free and organic premium sodas

Purple Berry – wild & natural – This variety starts off slightly fruity and floral on the tongue and ends with a fresh, subtle finish with a pleasant, elegant hint of lemon flavor.

Black Orange – tangy & natural – Discover the fruity, subtle flavor of orange. The unique blend of a fresh and fruity taste creates a taste explosion on your tongue – pleasantly bitter and at the same time surprisingly refreshing.

Ginger Beer – fiery & natural – Here, distinctive spiciness is combined with natural, earthy freshness. The spicy taste of ginger along with fresh citrus flavors gives a powerful, sharp finish on the tongue for a perfect taste experience.

Organics by Red Bull | Also great in cocktails, mocktails and spritzers 

Whereas traditional soft drinks are predominantly sweet, the ORGANICS by Red Bull range offers more complex combinations of sweet, sour and bitter. This makes ORGANICS by Red Bull not only a refreshing thirst-quencher but also the perfect partner to create all kinds of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. And just as with wine or beer, delicious food pairings are also possible.

David Mansour, cocktail designer and mixologist: “The natural ingredients of ORGANICS make it easy for you to create delicious cocktails or mocktails. With the Purple Berry, Ginger Beer and Black Orange variants you compliment the taste of your drink to take it to the next level!”

Trend: unique taste sensations and exciting non-alcoholic drinks for the #sobercommunity

There is an increasing demand for variety and inspiration from consumers within the soft drink segment. Consumers and hospitality entrepreneurs are looking for non-alcoholic craft sodas with a refined taste, more intense experience and higher quality. There is a trend of consciously drinking less alcohol, but at the same time consumers are looking for a drink with an exciting taste sensation. And preferably a drink that also looks festive, to drink at the time when you would otherwise drink alcohol. This “craft soda” trend has blown over from Germany, where, for example, in Berlin you can already find many alternative sodas and lemonades. ORGANICS by Red Bull responds to this trend by adding a range of organically certified alternative options, with only 29 to 39 kilocalories per 100 ml.

ORGANICS by Red Bull with ingredients of 100% natural origin                       

Don’t confuse ORGANICS by Red Bull with “regular” Red Bull; in fact, this eight-pack is a premium collection of organic sodas – and definitely not an energy drink. The total range now consists of: Simply Cola, Bitter Lemon, Ginger Ale, Tonic Water Viva Mate and the three new flavors: Purple Berry, Black Orange and Ginger Beer. All varieties are made with ingredients of 100 % natural origin. With that, this line has achieved the European Union’s organic certification for a reason. You will not find any colorings or artificial sweeteners in these bottles. The drinks are lightly carbonated and are suitable for vegetarians and people with gluten, dairy or wheat intolerance. This complete eight organic sodas have been available in bottles in the Dutch hospitality sector since February 2022.

Website: ORGANICS by Red Bull

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