Order your drinks through OpenTabs


  • Opening The World. Photo credits: Daisy van Knotsenburg
  • Martijn Lukaart

Guests of food court The World don’t have to wait to order their drinks anymore. They can order through their phones whenever they want to. The company eMove.me made this possible together with its German partner OpenTabs. They created the OpenTabs app and launched it in the Netherlands.

The World

On Wednesday 8 April The World officially opened its doors in Rotterdam. Guests can go there for the new dining concept by Wesley Ladage, son of the famous french-fries baker Bram Ladage. For this concept he works together with restaurants Asian Glories and O’Pazzo.


You can order drinks from the espresso bar and wine bar of The World with your mobile phone. Each table in this section of The Word has a QR-code. This code can be scanned with the OpenTabs app and the menu appears on the screen. Make a choice and place your order. If you’ve paid, the restaurants promises to deliver the order within the five minutes.

Grab & Go

From half past seven in the morning, you can choose the ‘Grab & Go’ option. You can order for example a coffee and a sandwich and can pick it up when you want, without having to wait in a queue.

According to the CEO of eMove.me, Martijn Lukaart, this will be the future for the hospitality branch/industry and retail: ‘’The technology is becoming more sophisticated which, means we have the possibility to respond to your customer’s needs in a better way. This is not only convenient for the customer, who doesn’t have to wait any longer, but also for the entrepreneur.’’

Website: eMove.me

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