OERS: a Dutch reservation platform for and by restaurant owners


Introduced for the Dutch hospitality industry, OERS, Ons Eigen Reserverings Systeem (Our Own Reservation System). OERS is a new online booking system which has been launched festively on the 9th of May by chef Alain Caron at Restaurant Aan de Poel. The system is different; each participating restaurant owner is co-owner of the system and automatically become member of the cooperative OERS. This allows restaurant owners to decide themselves on the terms and commissions. Where other reservation systems will only become more expensive in the future, OERS will become cheaper.

OERS, a Dutch reservation platform

Initiators Ferry van Houten (restaurant Het Bosch) and Gijs Numan (restaurant Elkaar and restaurant Aaltje) find that more and more guests book online: “The percentage of online bookings is still relatively low, but it’s expected to grow very quickly. In a few years 80% of all bookings will be done online. So this is the time for hospitality entrepreneurs to step in and be independent of the existing reservation websites. ”

Already 100 participants

During the launch many restaurant owners were present. They responded enthusiastically with as result that more than 100 participants are now connected. But the initiators want more restaurant owners to connect quickly. “The more restaurants, the stronger the cooperative,” said van Houten and Numan. OERS works well with the existing reservation systems. Through OERS there is no need to work with other running systems next to each other, it’s all integrated. A very important advantage!

Technical partner

OERS has an exclusive partnership with DiningCity to whom the management and maintenance of the reservation system is outsourced. “DiningCity has the most knowledge of online reservation systems and has also shown to be a reliable partner. DiningCity has no interest in OERS, by the way.” says van Houten and Numan.

A reservation platform for and by restaurant owners

The system is very organized and built for the future. It is fully equipped and adjustments in for example the seating plan are made easy and quickly by the restaurant owner himself. During the launch the initiators van Houten and Numan emphasized that the cooperative has no profit motive. All revenues will flow back into the Cooperative and will be distributed among the affiliated restaurant owners. OERS really is a reservation platform for and by restaurant owners.

Website: OERS  

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