Nexus Reset offers a concept for the sustainability issue in the hotel industry


  • Oprichtster Nexus Hospitality - Stephanie Voormolen - van DoornOprichtster Nexus Hospitality - Stephanie Voormolen - van Doorn
  • Sofitel Legend The Grand AmsterdamSofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam
  • Nexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus HospitalityNexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus Hospitality
  • Nexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus HospitalityNexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus Hospitality
  • Nexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus HospitalityNexus Reset - onderdeel van Nexus Hospitality

Sustainability in business is an issue that is rarely as pressing as it is now. Sustainability is also high on the agenda within the hotel industry. Not only because of the need to reduce emissions due to climate targets. Definitely also to save costs and keep margins going. To assist hotels in the sustainability process, Nexus Hospitality has developed a new branch under the name Nexus Reset.

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How Nexus Reset works

Nexus Reset starts with an accurate measurement of the power grid. Not only does this gather information about the load and quality of the energy used. The consumption of rooms, lobby and individual appliances, such as a television or washing machine, can also be measured. After this, a report is drawn up with the findings and a comprehensive advice is given. This advice includes solutions to promote energy extraction, energy storage and management of used energy. “It is time for real change in the hospitality industry. But as hotels tend to be complex properties to make sustainable, a suitable solution had to be found. Thanks to our accurate measuring equipment, we can map in detail how a hotel is using its available energy. After comprehensive advice, we can provide the client with sustainable and appropriate solutions from start to finish, such as adjustments to existing energy infrastructure, solar panels or a battery for energy storage,” says Nexus Hospitality founder Stephanie Voormolen – van Doorn.

Transformation into a sustainable and energy-efficient business

During the business reset by Nexus Reset, a hotel is transformed into a sustainable and energy-efficient business. “As far as we are concerned, Nexus Reset is the answer to our sustainability issues. Thanks to their advanced technology, we know exactly where the most earnings can be made. We like to be pioneers when it comes to innovation and sustainability. As an early adopter of these kinds of solutions, this cooperation fits perfectly into our long-term strategy. What’s even nicer is that Nexus Reset then also implements and coordinates the proposed adjustments itself.” Says Stefan Melchers, Director of Operations at five-star hotel Sofitel Legend The Grand Amsterdam. Because Nexus Reset can also bring about the realization of the offered solutions after customer approval. In concrete terms, this means that a hotel only needs to deal with one party, instead of countless subcontractors. In addition, there is another advantage to the cooperation: “With Nexus Reset, we perform reliable measurements for a longer period of time to see where profits can be made. However, this is not only nice for the sustainability issue, but also for safety. If there is a risk of short-circuiting somewhere in the existing network, thanks to our technology we also get this in sight.”

Qualitative cooperation

Generally, a cooperation cycle lasts all seasons, but this can also be shorter. After the first month, the first results are already presented. After advising on the necessary adjustments, a hotel has the option of letting the measuring equipment sit for longer. Once Nexus Reset has made the desired adjustments, intensive quality checks follow. The energy data is continuously monitored and analyzed during this timeframe to check that the chosen solutions are working properly. With long-term measurements, new follow-up steps can be crystallized for further energy-saving alternatives. A sustainable, energy-efficient future is thus within reach for every hotel.

About Nexus Reset

Nexus Reset is a concept of Nexus Hospitality. Founded in 2019, Nexus Hospitality fulfils the role of system integrator for the hotel industry. The focus here is on connecting hotels with suppliers such as LG and KPN, among others. From the hospitality industry, however, there was an increasingly frequent demand for sustainable and future-proof options. Nexus Hospitality decided to offer a complete solution in the form of Nexus Reset, serving hotels from measurement and advice to implementation of the proposed solutions.

Website: Nexus Reset

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