A new hotspot at Laren: Gastrobar Anton


  • HT Gastrobar Anton
  • HT Gastrobar Anton

As of today, 23 October, Laren officially has a new hotspot: Gastrobar Anton opens in the same building as restaurant Mauve near the famous ‘Brink’ and can be visited for a coffee, a drink or snack. The GastroBar has a hip, Scandinavian design, with high tables, designer bar chairs, a large solid bar and a comfortable lounge area with leather sofas. Different types of wood, leather and fabric are used in the interior, together with it’s vintage touch this creates a warm atmosphere.

Gastrobar Anton

Where their neighbors, Mauve restaurant, is known for its lunch and dinner, Gastrobar Anton is a great place for a drink, a culinary lunch or shared dining until late in the evening. The dishes are adapted to the drink menu and they are matching with the various drinks. These combination are served by the chefs, for example:

  • Grilled beetroot, goat cheese mousse, sherry vinegar and tarragon, with a good glass of wine.
  • Steak tartare with puffed quinoa and mustard foam, with a cocktail.
  • Panna cotta of white chocolate with caramelized pineapple, with a cup of coffee.

In the weekends guests can stay even longer, every Friday and Saturday a DJ is playing music.

Website: Gastrobar Anton

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