Nescafé | Ad for pop-up coffee shop trolls Starbucks


  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom
  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom
  • Nescafé Coffee TaproomNescafé Coffee Taproom

Nescafé has opened a pop-up coffee shop in Toronto, where everyone has to bring and make their own coffee. Indeed, you have to bring your own coffee otherwise you will not be able to enter the Coffee Taproom. The pop-up is a stunt by Nescafé and designed to promote the Nescafé Sweet & Creamy coffee sticks. The ad for pop-up Coffee Taproom trolls Starbucks!

Ad for pop-up Coffee Taproom trolls Starbucks

At first sight, the ‘Coffee Taproom’, as the pop-up is called, has all the features that other coffee shops also have. There is Wi-Fi, there are power outlets to charge your laptop and the interior can be called trendy as well. The big difference however, is that there is no barista to serve you. You bring your own coffee stick (from Nescafé of course) and you scan this stick on an iPad in front of the door. If you don’t have a Nescafé stick with you, you will not be able to access.

Once inside, you can make your own coffee at one of the self-service hot water points without having to wait in line for a barista. In the above video they give further explanation about the cafe and Starbucks is not forgotten. “Take a cup where your name is misspelled on the side, as you always get at other coffee shops” – is one of the sentences that clearly refers to Starbucks. Also no barista’s with knots called Frederico, no difficult menus with long names and there is also no overpriced coffee for sale.

Nice marketing campaign by Nescafé

A nice marketing campaign by Nescafé, with creative attention being paid to the Sweet & Creamy coffee sticks of the brand. It’s also nice that they ask where the next popup should be opened, at their website. Maybe their next pop-up will be opening in your city?

Website: The Nescafé Taproom

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