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The name says it all, the Nerdstronggym is a gym that focusses on nerds. Nerds whom you normally wouldn’t find at a gym. The workouts and trainings are all developed around science fiction, fantasy and superheroes. With these workouts and trainers, the nerds can combine their passion with sports.


The Nerdstronggym gym already opened back in 2013 and is still popular amongst nerds. They can make the choice to remove themselves from the world of video gaming and comic books and get started with one of the themed trainings. The ‘Lord of the Rings’ training is one of them: this class is used to mimic the climb on the Mount Doom. The exercises? Doing step-ups, planking and lifting sandbags.

It all looks like a gimmick but it really isn’t, members pay 150.- dollar per month. Qualified gym instructors are willing to help out, it’s not one of the budget gyms where you have to do it yourself without any guidance. Nerdstronggym is a gym where instructors are there to help you to achieve your goals.

The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we haven’t seen any gyms yet that only focusses at such a specific market. But we can ‘party on a bike’ at Rocycle, which looks like spinning but more intensive and with matching beats. Another special gym is located in Alphen aan de Rijn, a city in the west of the Netherlands. At Jawy Spotcentrum they use an interactive floor where lights and colors tell you what to do.

Website: Nerdstrong Gym

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